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Prezi One ketteldesign

No description

C Houston

on 29 March 2013

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Transcript of Prezi One ketteldesign

Competing Effort in Content Marketing What is my goal with this post?
Frequency of Posting Quality of Content Is this content going to resonate
with my established audience
and prospective audience? Am I posting something
because I fell behind on
my marketing schedule? Can I delay posting
and put more time into this post
to make it worth my while? If you want to get more engagement when you post, put the time and effort into content creation. Will this content help me
to accomplish the goal?
Are you trying to help drive more leads into the sales and marketing process? Maybe you’re trying to create a program that increases awareness. Many brands post once per day, and many find that posting more than once per day can actually have an adverse effect on engagement. Put the time and effort into content creation and you'll see the ROI you want. If you're just posting careless content frequently, you won't get anything out of a content marketing strategy. Is the content I'm
producing in line with my
content marketing strategy?

Investing the time and resources needed to create thoughtful and engaging content you'll gain your target audience.
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