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Why did christopher columbus go and explore?

full of infomation

Pascale Bowie

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Why did christopher columbus go and explore?

Why did Christopher Columbus go and explore?
When was his first voyage?
What day did he discover America?

August 3rd 1492
He started sailing from Lisborn, Spain. He did a loop on his right
and went back where he started
Columbus discovered America on the 5th of December 1492 he landed in Haiti.
What tools did Christopher Columbus use?
Columbus was famous for bringing spices and silk back to Spain from his voyages. Another thing he was famous for was his navigation skills.
What other things is he famous for?
One of his famous tools that was called the Astrolabe . It told him if you are going south or north of the equator.
Was there anything in his way?
Did he travel alone?
There were some clouds in his way. One sailor thought the cloud was land! Another bother for them was rough sea.
No. at first Columbus was struggling to convince people to get on his side but in the end he managed to get Martin Pinzon [ who was a famous sailor] and his brother on his side. Since Martin Pinzon was quite famous sailors from all directions of the country wanted to come then it was easy for Columbus to get sailors to come with him on a journey to the indies.
We hope you enjoyed our prezi.
Christopher Columbus
We hope you enjoy our prezi
Christopher Columbus was born on October 31st 1451
Genoa Italy. He died on May 20th 1506, Valladolid Spain.
Why did Christopher Columbus Do his first voyage in 1492?
I don't understand why Columbus wanted to leave his country he had such a good life anyway in spain.
Even when Columbus was a young boy he had a ambition to go to sea. when he turned down the option to carry on his fathers weaving job that mean't that when he turned 26 changed everything

Why did columbus land in Haiti?
Why were spices and silk so famous in Spain?
Why was the weather bad?
I wonder how they made such complicated tools?
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