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No description

Ben Wolfe

on 15 February 2014

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Transcript of MONGOLS

Wait for it....THE MONGOLS
“If you're afraid - don't do it, - if you're doing it - don't be afraid!”
― Genghis Khan
1206- The Mongolian Empire Begins
Temujin (Genghis Khan) united many Mongol-Turkic nomadic tribes and united them into the Mongolian Empire. He then claimed the title of "Khan" which is the leader of all the Mongols.
Genghis Khan
1328-1347: The Empire Collapses
1211-1227: Expansion and Death of Genghis Khan
1211- Mongol armies invaded central China
1219- Central Asia expedition begins
1223- Russia is raided but not conqured
During expansion- much was learned about warfare
armies were well trained and strictly disciplined
Lightly armed horsemen in front protected the back, from where arrows and javelins were fired
Charged only when they had disorganized the enemy
Armies had a large amount of supplies, artillery, and intelligence
1227- Ghengis Khan dies in his sleep
1227-1241: Ogadai Khan
After Ghengis Khan died, his son named Ogadi became the Khan
1234- Northern China was conquered and a campaign for southern China was started
1236-40: Batu, Ogadi's nephew, conquered Russia
1241- Batu enters Hungary and Poland and Ogadi dies
1251-1259: Mangu Khan
1251- Mangu, another nephew of Ogadai, became the Khan
1258- Hulagu, Mangu's brother, conquered and destroyed Baghdad and killed the caliph which is the spiritual leader of the Islam faith
This expedition caused the to be driven Ottoman Turks into Asia Minor where they proceeded to destroy the Byzantine Empire
1259-1294: Kublai Khan
Mongolian Empire- 1294
2 Factors that caused the decline of the empire
Civil wars
Bubonic plague
Civil wars
After the death of the final Khan, more and more civil wars in the empire began
Bubnic plague
1328- People in China start to get sick
1347- The plague spreads throughout the Mongolian Empire killing millions
1347- Both these factors cause the empire to collapse
1279- Completed the conquest of China
1279- Created the Yüan, or Mongol, dynasty
1279- Made the official religion of the Mongolian Empire Buddhism but allowed all religions
1294- Kubli Khan died

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