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Seventh Grade By:Tracie Hickman Block 1

No description

Carolyn Meyer

on 10 December 2010

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Transcript of Seventh Grade By:Tracie Hickman Block 1

Seventh Grade By: Tracie' Hickman Block 1 Victor is obssesed with this girl named Teresa. Victor will go and do anything to impress the girl he likes. He thinks his French teacher is a good guy because he helped him out. Victor isn't god at math but Teresa is so he likes her even more. Vic doesn't want to give his friend's hopes up so he doesn't tell him the scowl doesn't work. Victor Vocabulary:
Elective - a class you choose on your own
Propelled - make someone move
Conviction - what you believe
Lingered - follow
Sheepishly - uncomfortably What Do You Think? ? No, I do not think people should pretend to know more than they do because you will probably get caught in a bad situation that you can't get out of. For an example Victor pretended like he knew how to speak French when he didn't and he ended up making a fool of his self, but luckily Mr.Bueller helped him out a lilttle bit. Character Web Plot:
First Victor runs into his best friend Micheal and that is how he found out about his scowl that "impressed" girls because he was making a werid face. Then Victor was trying to decide which elective he should pick, so he decided to go with French because he already took Spanish even though he was no good but also beacause the girl he liked Teresa was in French. Then Micheal and Victor had lunch outside and talked even though they were talking Victor wasn't really listening to his friend. He was to busy lokking for Teresa , he didn't see her so he went to a table and pretended like he was reading his math book and at last he found her sitting at a table not to far from him talking to a bunch of her friends. After lunch Victor had French class finally Victor had to sit in the front row just a couple seats away from Teresa. Mr.Bueller started off asking anyone if they knew how to speak French already and Victor raised his and to try and impress Teresa , but Mr.Bueller had said something in french that Victor didn't understand so he said the first thing he could think of "Frenchie oh wewe gee in September". Mr .Bueller figured he didn't speak French so he continued on teaching. At the ened of the class him and Teresa were the last ones out and Teresa came up to Victor and said " I didn't know you spoke French." Mr. Bueller looked at them and didn't say anything because he now realized that Victor was trying to impress Teresa. Finally Teresa asked him if he could help her with her French sometime and Victor said yes. After so Victor ran straight to the library to get some books on speaking French. He was going to like Seventh grad after all. Do You Believe It? ? No, this story is not believable because i am in the 7th grade and we don't have Metal Shop,FOreign Launguages Classes, or Electives. Also we are not allowed to eat lunch outside.
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