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The Sebastians Zoo

Welcome To the Sebastian Zoo we have many intresting animals and pants here we hope you enjoy

Dillon Sebastian

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of The Sebastians Zoo

The Sebastian Zoo You will see many intresting animals and plants please enjoy. Here we have a Tiger Deer Zebras orangatang panda Lion MONKEYS This is a deer from south India Kerala from where we r from us in the sebastian zoo One zebra from afrcia Here is a lion from Australia Here is a orangatang this is a panda from Korea tHIS IS A MONKEY The tiger is a very interesting animal it has sharp teeth and is very sneakiny A zebra from madagascAR woman lives with lion imagine it getting older cute panda famous orangatang poor monkeys Very sharp animal mentally and physically don't get too close
Venus Fly Trap Sundew attracts it's prey by looking good and then stings the poor insect Sundew baby deer
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