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Launching Vertigo™

Creating multi-media and marketing strategies for the launch of the world's first top-loading guitar case.

Patrick Chen

on 23 May 2013

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Transcript of Launching Vertigo™

launching vertigo 2012. Four individuals leading the most disruptive start-up brand in the music industry. The goal was simple: Design the world's first top-loading guitar case. The Vertigo™ was born. My market objective was simple. Create viral videos featuring our Grammy award winning Artists. Launch a social media campaign that highlighted the Vertigo™ and it's innovative design. ™ Juan Alderete de la Peña.
The Mars Volta.
Loves riding bikes. I immediately began work on a video that gave insight into why the Vertigo™ came to fruition. Every aspect of the video was in-house, even the soundtrack. On to LA to meet with Artists. One camera, one microphone, one mission. This is what we came up with... Page Hamilton Vocals, Guitar
Toured w/David Bowie
Loves the Niners!!! With Juan, we wanted to capture and tell a story about how his use of the Vertigo™ integrates into his life. His studio lives about a mile away from his house. He travels there by bike everyday, when he's not touring the world that is. Page lives in Hollywood, he's set up a studio in his apartment. This is where he spends his time crafting songs for Helmet. He is also sought after for movie scores and soundtracks as well. Page also spends his time here with jazz charts, bet you didn't know that!
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