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Hello, my name is Mary Draper. I was born in Pennsylvania in

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Abby Gray

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of Hello, my name is Mary Draper. I was born in Pennsylvania in

Mary Draper

In 1750, my family moved everyone to Draper's Meadow in Pennsylvania. Here I met a man named William Ingles. We fell in love and got married. In fact, we were the first white couple married west of the Allegheny mountains. Cool right?
My husband and I had two sons, George and Tommy. A while later, my father died on a hunting trip and indians attacked him. I lived next to my brother, John, and his wife, Betty. Our mother lived with us also. We were all equally affected by the loss of my dad.
I didn't really have a career, but if you consider a house wife a career, sure! I stayed at home, taking care of the boys and my mother. I prepared the food for the men who were working hard in the field.I did many things around the house, typical woman things in the 1700s.
The War..
On July 8, 1755, my husband and brother were working in the field when
happened. Many members of the Shawnee indian tribe attacked our farm.They did not harm my husband or brother, but they kidnapped me, my two boys, and Betty, my sister in-law. We walked 500 miles, 40 days worth, into uncharted territory, where no white person has gone before.
At the camp, I made blankets and shirts for the indians in exchange for being able to keep some for my sons. Very sadly, my sons were sold away from me not soon after. George was only 3 and passed away soon after the separation. I knew I had to get out of this place! Later on, I escaped. I found Will and told him everything. We stayed at a fort and that was because we knew the indians would attack again; and they did. Will and I fought back. Will used up ammunition as fast as I could make it.
After I escaped, Will and I had 4 more kids. Also, 15 years later I was reunited with Tommy. Some years after that, Tommy's wife and children were taken by indians, and in the same way that he and I were taken.
Anyway, Will was a Colonel in the revolution, Tommy became good friends with Thomas Jefferson, and two of my granddaughters married Generals in the army. William died soon before me, and I died in Feb. of 1815, living to be 83.
"Mary Draper"
Revolutionary War

25 Oct. 2013
Hello, my name is Mary Draper. I was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1719 as Mary Alvis.I also have a brother,John Draper.My parents names are George and Eleanor Draper. They were both Irish immigrants to America, they came here in 1729.

"Mary Draper"
25 Oct. 2013

"Mary Draper"
National Park Service
25 Oct. 2013

By: Abby Gray
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