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3.6 Application software: Getting Started

No description

Eddie Brown

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of 3.6 Application software: Getting Started

Application Software
3.6 Application software: Getting Started
Eddie Brown

Ryan Lentz
Application Software is designed to enable user to accomplish specific task- whether serious work on entertainment
For sale-free-rent?
Commercial Software
Tutorials & Documentation
Tutorials - An instruction book or program that helps you learn to use the product by taking you through steps.
Exchanging Files
Getting data from one source and making it compatible with the program you are currently using

Changing data into a format that can be used in a different program and then transmitting it.
A file is a program that exists in a computer’s secondary storage or a named collection of data.
Two file types
Program file- file containing executable software instructions.
Source program files - contain high-level computer instructions in the original form it was written.
Executable file- Instuctions that tell the computer how to perform a particular task.
Data files- are files that contain data.
Application Software
Productivity software- make users more productive at a particular task
Word processing
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Database managers
Must be installed in order to use
Can be installed from CD,DVD, and external hard drive, Internet
Double clicking installer icon
Clicking “I Agree”
Choosing directory on hard drive
Documentation - All information that descibes a product to user, including a user guide or reference manual that provides a narrative and graphical description of a program.
Copyrighted software that is distributed free of charge, but users are required to pay a fee or give a donation
Software that's offered for sale such as Microsoft.
Copyrighted software that is distributed free of charge. Makes money by advertising.
Online software that users lease for a fee and download whenever they want it.
Software obtained illegally, such as illcit made copy of a CD/DVD
Software that is now longer being sold or supported by its publish.
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