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HW: A General Summary of Events

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Luke Bailey

on 25 January 2018

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Transcript of HW: A General Summary of Events

HW: A General Summary of Events
Europe: 1600s-1700s
-Renaissance and Enlightenment, improving art, logic, and reason

-Many people start questioning religion. Deism becomes popular.

-Europe still expanding and conquering.
-Ming Dynasty exists in 1500s. Build a great fleet! Then burn it....because they want to ignore the rest of the world

-Ming conquered by Manchurian Qing dynasty in 1600s- the Qing will rule until 1900s!
-Divided Hindu kingdoms conquered by Muslim Mughals from 15-1700s.

-Mughals rule harshly over Indians, banning Hindu practices (Sati) and banning Hindus from having certain jobs.

-This causes anger among Hindus, who will later help British to conquer them.
-North America settled by Dutch, French, English

-Central and South by Portugal and Spain.
-Nothing good is happening here.

-North Africa dominated by Ottoman Empire

-African slave trade devastated West Africa

-Dutch begin settling South Africa as a rest stop to their colonies in Indonesia
Akbar: Nice to Hindus
Aurengzeb: NOT NICE
Immanuel Kant
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