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Countess Dracula

Elizabeth Bathory

Kanyaw Will

on 16 September 2011

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Transcript of Countess Dracula

Elizabeth Bathory Trial and death A little background Her husband was usually not around so
her Ladyship was in charge of management
in the Castle including the servants.

She "disciplined" the servants to a point
that would be considered sadism today.

Beating the servant girls with a heavy club
was considered the least of her punishments.

Often, she would stick pins unto the upper and
lower lips of the girls, their flesh and under
their fingernails. Tortures! Her ladyship was reported by witnesses but the King decided not to bring her to trial and gave her a "Castle Imprisonment" instead as she was a noble. She died in her own castle in laste August of 1614 at the age of 54. Countess Dracula
She was born on 7th August 1560 to a family who were one of the richest and powerful in all of Hungary.
As a child she witnessed torture of a gypsy who was sewn up inside a horse and left to die there.
Elizabeth was married at the age of fifteen to a warrior. Bloodthirsty Noble? She would drag the girls into the snow where she poured cold water over them until they froze to death.

She bit the girls on their cheek and their flesh until the fleshes were torn off by her teeth.

The girls would be beaten until their bodies are swollen and then she would cut them up and force them to eat their own flesh.

Sewing the girls' mouth shut was not uncommon either.

She would dispose of their bodies in nearby fields and the number of girls she had tortured and killed added up to 650.
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