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Dos and Don'ts of Public Speaking

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on 21 June 2014

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Transcript of Dos and Don'ts of Public Speaking

Dos and Don'ts of Successful Public Speaking
By: Brenda Guerrero
Dos and Don'ts to Proper Posture
DO: Stand straight , have lots of elbow room, hands should be free.
Don't: Slouch or lean on the podium.
Dos and Don'ts to Proper Wardrobe.
Dos and Don'ts During Self-Presentation
Volume: Softness or loudness of a speaker's voice.
You shouldn't being speaking so soft that the noise of the traffic is taking over.
If only the listeners in the front row can here you you're talking to quietly.
Why Nonverbal Communication Is Important
Nonverbal communication is very important because this could be what hurts or helps your presentation. Just by adding a little hand gesture now and then, you can engage most of the audience. On the other hand, if you use no hand gesture you will bore the audience and lose their attention. Using nonverbal communication if the main part of the presentation besides the speech. By doing these or not you can either make or break your whole presentation.
Don'ts While Publicly Speaking
Dos During Public Speaking
Don't: Wear casual clothes that may be too casual.(Example: Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Or Sweatpants.)
Do: Apply natural make-up, non revealing clothing, and don't wear accessories that may cause distraction.
Don't: Give the impression that your going to talk about random things. You can prevent this by having a well written and prepared speech.
Do: Make yourself seem very creditable by grabbing the audience attention and having reliable information.
Don'ts While Publicly Speaking
Volume: Softness or loudness of a speaker's voice.
The volume of your voice should be able loud enough to ever come A/C or Traffic.
You should speak loud enough for the whole audience to be able to hear you clearly.
Pause: brief breaks while delivery a speech that may show emphasis and increase the clarity of the message.
You will want to add pauses to your speech when you don't want the audience to miss something. Pauses will add emphases when combined with talking in a low pitch.
Pauses: brief breaks while delivering a speech which will add emphasis and increase the clarity of the message.
You don's want to zoom right through your presentation or the audience may get lost and will not grab the main points of your presentation.

Rate: the speed at which a person speaks.
Don's speak at the same rate throughout the presentation.
If you speak at the same rate throughout the presentation you may lose the interest of the audience.
Pitch:lowness or highness of a speakers voice
You don't want to be monotoned.(Not changing the pitch of their voice at all.)
Pitch: lowness or highness of the speaker's voice.
Always to have inflections( changes in the pitch of your voice) during your speech.
Rate: Speed at which a person speaks.
Always vary the rate during your speech.
Faster and slower rates during your speech can emphasize the main points.
Changing the rate at which you speak may keep your audience interested.
Example Of Don'ts While Speaking
Example Of What You Should Do While Speaking
Dos While Speaking In Public
Always try to maintain eye contact with the audience. This will make the audience feel visible and important. Therefore, making the audience engage their attention towards you.
The volume at which you speak should always be louder than the traffic and should also always be loud enough for all the listeners to hear you clearly.
The rate at which you speak throughout your presentation should vary. By going from fasts to slow or slow to fast you will gain the interest of your audience.
You should always have brief pauses during your presentation to add emphasis to your main points.
Always have proper pronunciation. This will give your audience the right idea about the topic and will not confuse them.
Always dress appropriate for the occasion. Not dressing formally for the occasion will make the audience with you aren't creditable.
Don't speak at the same rate throughout your presentation. This can cause the audience not to grasp the main points.
Don't just talk at one pitch. This will bore the audience and lose their attention.
Never lean or grasp the podium. This will not allow you to make any gesture with your hands which will lose the audiences attention and bore them.
Never wear extremely casual clothes.(sweatpants, hoodies, and sweatshirts etc.) Also never wear accessories that may be a distraction to your presentation.
Don't be monotoned throughout the presentation. This may cause the audience to miss the main points in the presentation.
Don't over use your gesture. This will cause your gestures to lose their meaning.
Importance of Having Proper Nonverbal Communication
Will give you creditability.
Engage the audience.
Persuade the audience.
Will keep engage the the interest for the audience throughout the whole presentation.
Will give you confidence and will show the audience that you know what your doing. This will engage the audience even when your taking.
Consequences Of Having Bad Nonverbal Communication
Lose the attention from the audience.
Unable to fully communicate the main points of your presentation.
You may lose creditability from the audience.
You wont connect with the audience which will disengage them from the presentation.
Better At Presenting?
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