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Push Innovation Live Training

No description

Betty Young

on 25 September 2018

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Transcript of Push Innovation Live Training

Push Innovation Live Training
Company Introduction
Essential Programs to Learn
Phone Protocol
Let's Practice!
A rapidly growing call center that services many different products.

Sister Companies
Company Goals
Continue expanding without losing the culture that has brought us to where we are today.

People to Know
Mathew Speelman Director of Operations
Joseph Pierson Santa Ana Office Manager
Nadia Zamudio Las Vegas Office Manager
Lauren Roelke Ogden Office Manager
Our Expectations
Key Phrases

Another name for the products we service.
Putting your last call in the correct category based on result.
Offers given to customers to keep them enrolled.
Also known as a bank dispute.

When a customer is charged after their trial.
The tool we use to help our customers.
Customer service representative.
Your current Five9 status. Once you login, you will automatically be set to Not Ready.

Make sure you’re clocked in and on task in time for your shift.

A pending charge. Cannot be refunded until it posts.

Transaction Not Settled/TNS
The Push Innovation Live website.
The USPS delivery
Enter tracking number at the top right corner
The current status of the shipment
All shipment updates. From leaving our warehouse, to arriving at the customer's address.
It's important to look for delays in shipping.
If there was an issue, offer to reship their product.
USPS Tracking Tool
Product Websites
Each product has a website that displays the terms & conditions.
Phone Protocol

Phone Procedures: Trial Calls
There are 2 types of trial calls. First, we will talk about CX calls.
During these calls, you want to be in
Remember, these customers are more receptive to your save attempts.
Cancellation (CX) Calls
Within trial
Ask "Why?"
Extend trial up
to 30 days.
VS Return
If already extended,
offer discounts to
continue. 35-50-75%
Post Trial
Ask "why?"
No Results
Bad Reactions
Reconnect. Offer discounts, 35%/50%/75%
Offer free bottles
if needed. (up to 2)
Offer free bottles.
Offer discounts, if needed.
Explain Retinol
Offer discounts & free bottles if needed.
Redial & Review Calls
If offer is declined,
CX acct.

NEVER refer to the company as Push Innovation Live.

If a customer asks what company they are calling, advise we service many different products, but require some information to locate their account.

Once an account is located you can refer to the product name as the company.
Now, let’s talk about refund calls. During these calls you want to be in
customer service mode.
Focus on empathy with these customers.

Refund Calls
If customer asks for a refund, apologize that we cannot provide a refund.

If needed, review the T&C.

Offer a free bottle and 35% discount to continue.

If declined,
CX Acct.

The following is extremely important.
It is what separates us from
the other call centers and
has established us as a force
in the customer service
industry. Please pay attention!
We will now cover what a
valid threat is and how we
respond to them.

What is a Valid Threat?

Phone Procedures: Trial Calls
Skype accounts will be created for you so you can talk to your team and supervisors.
A lot of team communication will be through this chat, like sending you to your breaks, and answering your questions.

You will also be in a couple chats that are for broadcasts from management.

Be sure the read the messages in this chat as they tend to be important policy changes and reminders.

If you’re attempting to issue a refund and get the following error message:
You’re unable to process the refund and must complete the transaction not settled submission form. Please include full name, order ID, refund amount, link, and team leader.

If you need to request a refund, be sure to complete the submission form below. This will allow the supervisor to process your request. We will still notify the customer that their refund will be reflected on their account in 3-7 business days.
TNS Chat
Password Resets
Each month, you will be asked to reset your Limelight password.

Please do not create a new password.

Instead, alternate between one exclamation point and two exclamation points.

Lopez123! and Lopez123!!
Smith123! and Smith123!!
Johnson123! and Johnson123!!

Phone Procedures: Trial Calls
Now that we know what a valid threat is, let’s learn the valid threat procedures.

Refund Calls
If customer asks for a refund, apologize that we cannot provide a refund.
If needed, review the T&C.

Offer a free bottle and 35% discount to continue.
If delinces,
CX Acct.

Valid Threats
If customer issues a valid threat, review the T&C.
*Explain the dispute process.

*We send the bank the T&C, the tracking #, and your I.P. address.
By providing this info it confirms it is a valid charge and will not work out in your favor.
Offer refund. 35%, 50%, 75%, or full if needed. Be sure to follow the steps.
The customer must be satisfied with the result before the call is ended.
Why We Avoid Disputes
In order to do this,
Jim must apply for a Merchant ID or MID through a bank.
A MID will allow Jim to sell his products online so he can bring in profits!
Jim wants to sell all his product online.
Hi I'm Jim!

So, Jim goes to Bank of America and they grant him 3 different MIDs.

Why We Avoid Disputes
Time passes by and Jim is very happy selling his products online through his MIDs.

Why We Avoid Disputes
Every time there is a bank dispute, the bank charges Jim $100, which is more than the product costs, plus it adds a charge back to Jim’s MID!
Our job as Jim’s customer support center is to keep his customers happy and avoid charge backs, so that we can keep Jim happy!
Why We Avoid Disputes
RMA Numbers
Now, the customer was charged for their new shipment on 7/31.
This is Rebill 2, or R2. Is this product most likely sealed or open?

This is most likely sealed, meaning we would be able to help them with a return as a last resort. Returns should always be a last resort after all else fails.

This customer signed up for the trial on 6/16.

RMA Numbers
Customer wants to return
These are consumable products, no returns
Offer a free bottle then 35% discount.
If declines, advise the most you can do is CX the account.
RMA Numbers (Post Threat)
Customer wants to return
Post valid threat
Review T&C, advise that we can assist, but don't accept returns
Offer free bottle, 35%, 50%, 75% refund. (If R1 go to full, NO RMA's)
If declines all, inform you will allow RMA and explain the process
Customer is to write the RMA # on the outside of the package.
There is a $9.95 reprocessing fee
They are responsible for shipping costs
It can take 30 business days for the refund to process.
RMA Process:
How to Avoid Issuing RMA's:
Make the RMA process sound like such a hassle.
Bring the customer back to the 75% refund option.
Let them know with this option they can keep the product.
It only takes 3-7 business days for refund.
It comes out to about the same amount as the RMA option.
RMA Numbers (Returned Without RMA)
Returned product you do not see an RMA was issued
Advise the product was returned without our authorization
Offer to reship product
If a Valid Threat is made, you can start offering refunds to the customer
*T&C state products marked "refused"
or "return to sender" are not credited
Even though the customer did not get authorization to return her product, our #1 priority is to avoid disputes. This means if a customer makes a valid threat, we must satisfy them before they get off the phone.
Straight Sales
Remember: Straight sales are one time orders, there are no recurring payments involved.
Straight Sales
Remember: Straight sales are one time orders, there are no recurring payments involved.
Common reasons for Straight Sale calls:

They haven’t received product.

They want to cancel their order.

They want to return the shipment.

Straight Sales
Remember: Straight sales are one time orders, there are no recurring payments involved.
Common reasons for Straight Sale calls:

They haven’t received product.

They want to cancel their order.

They want to return the shipment.

Bank Calls
If you answer a call and a bank rep. is on the other line, do not be alarmed. This is a common occurrence.
If the customer is on the line, treat it as a normal call, but also as a valid threat.

Explain the dispute process and begin the refund process to satisfy the customer.
Remember, the bank rep has the ability to file a dispute.
Sometimes, the bank rep. will be on your side, but offer a refund regardless.

If the customer is not on the line, the bank rep. may be from the dispute claims department and trying to gather more information.
Pull up the account and review it along with the T&C to the bank rep.
Let them know that we would like to avoid a dispute and have no problem assisting the customer if they were to contact us.
The rep. will then have the customer call us instead of filing a dispute.

Declined Charges
On this account, R1 was declined 3 times. Therefore, the customer cannot cancel until we collect their payment. Please attempt to settle the account starting with 35%, 50%, or 75% discount. If a valid threat is made, cancel the account and inform the customer that you are canceling the account and they will not be charged anything futher. If a customer was already sent to collections and received a letter, let them know there is nothing we can do to assist and direct them to the number or website on their collection letter.
Declined Charges
The customer signed up for the trial on 6/14.
On 6/29, their trial expired and Rebill 1 was processed.
But from 7/29 to 7/31 Rebill 2 was attempted and declined. Does this customer owe us?
Let's Review this Account:
We all know what an upsell is, companies do it to you all the time.
When you buy a cheeseburger and you’re asked, “would you like fries and a drink?”
Or if you buy a small popcorn and you hear, “would you like to make it a large for .50 cents?”
Those are upsells.
We see here, this customer has two different products. They have Transform Derma Eye, and Transform Derma Anti Aging.

She originally wanted the Transform Derma Eye, but was asked if she wanted to include the Transform Derma Anti Aging to her order. The customer has to un-check the box if they do not want this additional product. If left checked, it will be added.

So while this is an up-sell, it is also an additional trial. Meaning, if she does not cancel within her trial period, she will be charged the full price of both products.

Now this customer also accepted the trial upsell offer for the Optimum Mango Cleanse.
However, they also accepted an offer to insure the shipping of their products.
The InsureShip is not a trial, it is a straight sale. So it will not recur like the others.
Notice it only says “Approved,” not “Shipped” like the trials.
This is because nothing will be shipped as it is only an insurance add on, not a physical product.

This customer accepted two up-sells with her order. One is a trial, and the other is a straight sale.
This time the straight sale is a Vitamin C Serum for $34.95. The customer is buying it so there is no trial.
But, the other two are trials and do need to be canceled as always.
Cancelling a Trial Upsell

Explain that the products are more effective together.
Customer has to uncheck box on order page to opt for only one product.
Advise that shipping label has already been printed and S & H already paid.
Offer the customer an extension.
If a valid threat is made void the upsell to save the original sale.

If customer wants to cancel and stop their shipment,
Let them know shipping costs are nonrefundable.
Repitch and offer an extension.
If you have the customer’s account verified, you can use the product name as the company name, if they ask.
Be sure to read all the notes on the customer’s account before assisting them. As you may see important info.
If you receive a call from BBB. Take down their info and send it to your TL.

If you cannot find a customer in the CRM, ask them for the name of their product. If it is different, advise them to call the # on their bottle.
If the name is correct, try searching with the last 4 of their card.
If they do not have bottle, ask them to call # in their confirmation email.
If customer did not receive product and wants to cancel, track the package.
Give the customer their tracking #.
If within trial offer reship and extension.
If customer makes threat, offer refunds.
Fraud Protocol
Customer claims that they did not place an order and it is fraudulent. Remember that 99% of the time the customer is just trying to get a refund.

Let them know that claiming fraud is a serious accusation and that a full investigation would be launched.

Advise that falsely flagging an account as fraud can be just as serious as committing fraud.
Verify everything on the account. If address, email, and phone #, match then we do not consider this fraud.

Advise the customer we also have their I.P. address on file and an investigation would come back negative for fraudulent activity.

Treat this as a valid threat and begin the refund procedure to try and satisfy the customer.

If you pull up a customer’s account
and they state they've filed a dispute, let
them know that a
dispute is not going
to be successful.
If they call us back
with their
bank to confirm they
will drop the dispute,
we can help them
out with a refund.

If a customer accepts a refund but states they will still dispute,
let them know
we cannot process
a refund unless
they agree
that they won’t
be taking further action.

If you come across an account that already has
a dispute on file for the latest charge,
advise there is nothing
we can do for the
customer at this point.
In Limelight, this will be signified
by a grocery cart

Dispute Scenarios
Agent Notes
Example of bad notes:
CCI to CX cussing at me won’t let me talk went on and on saying we’re a scam offered 50% refund she took it.

Example of good notes:
CCI to CX. Wants full refund. Reviewed T&C. Valid threats. Explained dispute process. Offered 35/50% refund. Accepted 50% refund for BBB Threat. Satisfied.

Partial Refund
Save Rebill
This customer called in to cancel, and their trial ends in 10 days. What do we do in this scenario?

For CX calls we are in sales mode, so let’s try to keep this customer subscribed. Offer the customer the extension versus returning the product and paying fees.

This customer is calling in to cancel. What is the first thing we do?

Let’s say they’re cancelling because they didn’t notice results, now what?

We re pitch the product and offer up to two free bottles.
We can also offer discounts if necessary.

This customer is calling in for a refund. What is the first thing we do?

The first thing we do is review the T&C.

Let’s say the customer makes a valid threat, what now?

We explain the dispute process and begin our refund process.

This customer wants to return their product, what should we do?

We explain that these are considered consumable products so we cannot accept the product back as a return.

If a valid threat is made, we will begin the refund procedure.
Since this is Rebill 1, we do not allow an RMA.

Now you're ready to get on the phones!
Who are we?
Before we get started..
Let's play a game, two truths and one lie. Tell everyone in the room two honest statements about yourself and one false statement and everyone will figure out which of the three is a lie.
Customer's concern, your proposed resolution
When entering your notes, be sure to keep them positive. Avoid unprofessionalism.

For example, if a customer is yelling at you, there is no need to notate that. Document the customer’s issue, and how you resolved it.

Give yourself credit for everything you offer.

Make sure your notes match your call or you will be docked points in QA.

Only include significant points of conversation.

Always notate when a customer makes a valid threat. Your response should always be to explain the dispute process. This gives you leverage in the negotiation process.
Notate everything you offer to make sure your TL and our clients know you are following protocol. When an offer is accepted, notate it. No need to go into specifics.
Always end your notes stating the customer was satisfied. You should be able to type this and believe it.
Only allow an RMA if a valid threat is made. Only the latest product is eligible for a return if it is sealed.
We only assist the customer with the latest charge, as we have a 30 day refund policy.
We NEVER allow an RMA for Rebill 1.
Waive processing fee if valid threat.
Always have the customer verify their full address before discussing account.
Remember to be courteous and empathetic on every call.

We service trial and straight sale
We began servicing customers in September 2014.
We are now 3 locations strong and counting!
Build on the reputation we’ve created and attract more business with bigger clients.
Always provide a comfortable work environment for our employees.
Create 1200+ jobs in the near future.
Calm, professional demeanor on the
Quality Assurance score of 85%+
7 hours on the phone per 8 hour shift
A positive and friendly attitude
Work appropriate appearance
Programs You'll Use
You will clock in every day by logging into five9.
Upon login you should hear three tones. If you do not, you may not be able to hear the customer.
Once you log in. You will automatically be set to “Not Ready.”
The two tabs you will be using are the “Current Call” tab and the “Session History” tab.

In Session History it will list every call you’ve taken.

After valid threat is made you can skip 50% if the customer is irate and may disconnect.
When offering saves or refunds, start at 35%, then 50%, then 75%.
Pitch saves on every call!
For security purposes we are not allowed to provide our last names to customers
Do not discuss the customer’s account until the shipping address is verified.
Be sure to verify the customer’s address on EVERY call.
Always notate the customer’s account!
Dispute/ Fraud (Contact Bank, Stop Payment, Cancel Credit Card, Etc...)

Better Business Bureau (BBB)

Attorney General

Lawyer (Attorney, Sue, Seek Legal Council, Etc...)

Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Call over 10 Minutes
-If requested a refund, start refund protocol.
-If requesting a sup, transfer to TL
-If a customer calls in 3 or more times.

RED-- Gateway (Under Gateway in Account "RED"
The following are valid threats:
If a customer makes a valid threat, that tells you that you’re going to be issuing a refund.
Failure to acknowledge a valid threat is taken very seriously.
If a customer issues a valid threat, please handle the call accordingly.
A Valid threat is a term or action that customers can trigger during a phone call.
However, Bank of America informs Jim that each MID can only reach 70 disputes in a month or it will be shut down.
That’s the potential to process $300,000 each month!

Each MID allows for $100,000 in transactions each month.

Now Jim has gone from being able to process $300,000 a month in transactions to only being able to process $100,000. That’s a huge blow for Jim.
The next month, another MID reaches 70 charge backs and that one is shut down too!
This means he lost one of his MIDs, and now can only process $200,000 in transactions.
One month, one of his MIDs reaches 70 charge backs and it’s closed!
Their trial period expired, so they were charged $89.94
Because it's a trial bottle, it is most likely open, so we never allow RMA's for Rebill 1.
With that in mind, is this customer's product most likely open or sealed?
An important thing to remember is that for Rebill 1 it's not a new shipment.
Chris Mattingly General Manager
Attitude & Retention Techniques
We ask why they want to cancel.
Save Rebill
Save Trial
Agenda for Meeting
Monday- Company background, policies, procedures, and protocol

Tuesday- Product knowledge, ingredients, benefits, review operating programs and phone system

Wednesday- Quality assurance critieria, Jeopardy game, and take calls in conference room

Thursday- Trainees will shadow CSRs

Friday- Special procedures and trainees on calls
One of our CRMs, Konnective CRMs.
One of our most used CRMs, Limelight CRM
**Remember to notate account with "RED ALERT" to inform future agents that handle account.**
Save Trial
Example for RED Gateway
Common reasons for Straight Sale calls:

They haven’t received product.

They want to cancel their order.

They want to return the shipment.
Track the package and update the customer on the tracking information
The customer does not owe us
because Rebill 1 was approved. If Rebill 2 is declined, the customer is in the clear to cancel, just do your best to save the account!

Ask why they want to cancel.
Straight sales have a 30 day money back guarantee, encourage them to take advantage of this!
Repitch the benefits, and offer an additional bottle.
If valid threat is made on same day order go ahead and void the order.

Ask why they want to return
Remind the customer about the 30 day money back guarantee, encourage them to take advantage of this.
Re-pitch the benefits, and offer an additional bottle.
Beginning Dispositions

Las Vegas
Sant Ana
First impressions set the tone of the call

Reassurance is key, express confidence that you are the best to assist

Refer to the customer by his/her name.

Avoid being negative and responding with a "no" to customers

Empower the customer by providing save options

Reconnect and build value in product.

Find common ground and agree as much as possible

Positive adjectives

An RMA # is provided to customers when we are authorizing a return. The T&C state we have the right to refuse returns, and we are not obligated to issue a refund. However, we will accommodate irate customers to avoid further action.
RMA stands for Return Merchandise Authorization.
If a bank rep calls in and is not able to verify the address, it is okay to verify last four of CC and first and last name.
Closing & Customer Satisfaction
Cancellations & Saves

Use "Unresolved" toggle button for transfer instructions if needed

OID & callers number are available if needed

GENERAL- No Caller
GHOST- Ghost Call
DISCO- Caller Disconnected
TEST- Test Call
WRONG#- Wrong Number

End Dispositions

DISCO- Caller Disconnected
WRONG#- Wrong Number

CS- Customer Service
ORDER- New Order
SAVE-REBILL - Save- Rebill
SAVE-TRIAL- Save- Trial
CX-REBILL- Cancel Rebill
REF- FULL- Refund- Full
CX-TRIAL- Cancel- Trial
REFUND PART- Refund- Partial
RMA- Return

Single Comm Scripting
- No Holds over 1 Min
Utilize website if needed
*Emails are responded to within 48 hours*
Repitch Benefits and Use Customer
Testimonials to Reconnect Customer
to Product
Agent will receive warning at 90 seconds

Complete Notes before getting off the phone
with the customer
To stop this timer, you must disposition
Your average wrap up time should never be above 30 seconds
If not dispositioned within 2 minutes you will
automatically be set to available status
QA points will be docked if closing is not done on all calls when prompted
Name of campaign located under program
Subtract 12 to
Convert from Military
Review QA Notes
Select "REDIAL" to call back any time a customer disconnects
Offline=Time off phone
Available= Ready to take calls
Connecting=If time is extreme see TL or OM
Dispo=Average time to disposition each call
In call=Total call time
Manual dial=Outbound calls
Valid Threat Scripting

cci to cx. Offered extension. Cust accept. Knows to call before
to provide feedback. Cust satisfied

Copy and Paste Notes
cci to cx. Explained trial terms. Offered
35% discount
, Offered
50% discount
, and Offered
75% discount
. Cust accepted. Save Rebill. Cust satisfied.

cci to cx. Explained trial terms. Offered
35% discount
, Offered
50% discount
. Cust declined. Cust made Valid Threat Bank. Cust accepted
50% refund
to avoid further action. Cust satisfied.
Tell customer that a few customers see results within the first 2 weeks but a majority of our clients start seeing the best results after 30 to 60 days of consistent usage. Also explain that it is crucial that they drink a lot of water and to make sure they use it every day twice a day. They will notice that they will eat about 25% less and will lose weight and have more energy.

Overruling Objection(s)
Product Information
Must Select Customer Agreement to Generate Closing
If customer is still upset at end of call offer free bottle to satisfy and seal the deal
reason for CX
reason for call
Hang Up Button
Mute and Hold Buttons
Use these buttons to transfer to spanish or team lead queue
Utilize dispositions at beginning of call
Step 1
Step 2
Click arrow and select manual call
Making a Manual Call
Select agent
and then Answer/Make Calls

Making a Manual Call
Select Campaign
Step 3
Dial #
Step 4
Single Comm Status
1. Click Agent and select a status
2. Click Available = Auto Answer

Explain that the products are more effective together.
Customer has to uncheck box on order page to opt for only one product.
You can also offer an additional bottle.
If a valid threat is made void the upsell to save the original sale.
Cancelling a Straight Sale Upsell
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