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Greek Goddesses

Major Greek Goddesses

Kara P.

on 14 June 2010

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Transcript of Greek Goddesses

Greek Goddesses Gaia Hestia Demeter Hera Athena Artemis Aphrodite Persephone Aglaia Euphrosyne Thalia Mother Earth Created all of the gods and titans. Daughter of Chaos Born when earth was created Goddess of Hearth Daughter of Cronus Gave her throne to Dionysus oldest of the 12 olympian gods goddess of harvest Persephone's mother also known as the goddess of the fields has a grudge against Hades Goddess of the Hunt Apollo was her twin brother She was a maiden goddess promise to never marry Zeus's wife queen of the gods
goddess of marrige Her bird is the peacock known for being jealous Goddess of Wisdom Goddess of weaving Patron Goddess of Athens Daughter of Zeus Maiden goddess Goddess of Love Goddess of Beauty Married to Hephaestus Uranus's daughter Daughter of Demeter Goddess of spring Hades's wife Goddess of the Underworld Name means splendor The Graces were the goddesses of Beauty One of the three Graces Name meant mirth The second of the Three Graces Had two sisters, Aglaia and Thailia Thalia means Good Chear Third sister of the three graces.
Her sisters were the daughters of Zeus Also goddesses of Fertility Showed Aphrodite Mount Olympus
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