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The olympic

No description

alex momparler

on 8 February 2013

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Transcript of The olympic

THE LEGENDS OF THE OLIMPYC GAMES CURIOSITIES ABOUT THE OLYMPIC GAMES THE OLYMPIC GAMES Usain Bolt was born in Jamaica.He is an athlete and an sprint specialist.
In 2008, introduced his first world record in the 100 meter dash with 9.72 s
Bolt is 1.96 meters high and his weigh is 86 kilos. BIOGRAPHY THE RECORD Michael Phelps BIOGRAPHY Michael Phelps is a swimmer and he was born in America.
Phelps has the world record holder in long pool of the 100 and 200 meter butterfly and the 400 combined. CURIOSITIES *When he was young, he had really hard problems with his back and achilles tendons. Due to this problems he nearly stop running.
*A phrase that was said by Bolt: "You can not put any limits, nothing is impossible" THE RECORD Usain Bolt CURIOSITIES He always has for breackfast 8 eggs, 4 sandwiches,4 juices and biscuits RAFAEL NADAL BIOGRPAHY Rafael Nadal was born in Mallorca(Spain) in 1986 and he works as a tennis player. He has won 11 Grand Slams and he also won a gold medal in the olympic games of Pekin in 2008. THE RECORD CURIOSITIES A lens allied with Rafa Nadal in the Masters Cup in London. Rafa was playing the semifinals against Novak Djokovic when the Serb lens wearing made her irritate the eye and could not see well. Thanks to that he could win easily. A WAY OF LIFE MEXICO 1968 MUNICH 1972 MONTREAL 1976 MOSCU 1980 LOS ANGELES 1984 MEXICO 1968 SEOUL 1988 BARCELONA 1992 ATLANTA 1996 SIDNEY 2000 ATENAS 2004 BEIJING 2008 LONDON 2012 RIO DE JANEIRO 2016 LAST OLYMPIC GAMES IN CHINA... The chinese people train their athletes
hurting them in order to win gold medals
This picture reflects the pain
of the little chinese athlete IN LONDON 2012... Mehrdad Karam Zadeh refused to sake hands with the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton due to his culture (islam) IN BERLIN 1936... Jesse Owen (U.S. athlete) won 4 golden medals but
Adolf Hitler denied giveing his medals because of the colour of his skin THE END Work done by Alex Momparler Lázaro
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