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No description

Ashlee Mercogliano

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Tropicana

SAAV Communication strives to position and represent all clients through savvy promotions and superior ethics.

“savvy” [sav-ee] "saav"; experienced and well informed SAAV's Mission Consumers aged 30+
Health conscious
Occupied with creating family tradition
Preference in high quality
orange juice Target Audience Objectives Weaknesses Strengths SWOT Opportunities Threats Leading citrus brand
Focuses on healthy benefits
Various types of packaging
No added preservatives
High quality Research IMC Strategy Costly
Competitors and prices
Preference of consumers Campaign Timeline Budget Advertising
Expansion of audience
Brand recognition
Flavor launch
Line extension launch Compensation Industry standard 15% Performance Bonus *Negotiable Why SAAV? Direct/indirect competition
Preference of obtaining
freshly squeeze juice
Poor crop season Superior
Versatile Prime time morning and evening news
Majority working during the day
Food and health networks Television Facebook (563,161 Likes)
Instagram Contest
GOING VIRAL! Social Media Events & Sponsorships Promote Tropicana's health benefits

Expand target audience by 20% with the use of promotions and advertisements

Continue a high level of brand awareness

Plan to keep original packaging design In-store sampling In-store
Promotions Coupon dispensers Sponsoring various fitness events:
yoga classes
hiking classes
health walks

Events will engage our health conscious consumers and position the brand where it convenient for them. Positions Tropicana’s brand not only in the eyes of health conscious consumers, but avid juice drinkers in the market. The objective of this campaign is to expand our target audience and raise brand awareness and loyalty. Tropicana, Can Be For You Simmons Database provided us with information that the majority of orange juice drinkers are located in the south.

Tropicana’s campaign,Tropicana Can Be For You will continue to reach out the south but will also target major cities across the northeast. With branching out to the northeast we are expanding our target audience and hoping to increase the market by 20%. Cities including: Atlanta, New Orleans, Charlotte, Tallahassee, New York, Boston, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. Tropicana, can be for you Migrating from the south into the Northeast region
1. What is your favorite orange juice brand?
2. How often do you consume orange juice?
3. Why do you drink orange juice?
4. How likely would you be to use a Tropicana coupon?
5. Do you consider orange juice to be healthy? 35% 20% 20% 5% 15% 5%
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