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Flamenca, La Patiflaca

No description

Alexis Salisbury

on 28 May 2010

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Transcript of Flamenca, La Patiflaca

Flamenca, la Patiflaca Flaminga the skinny-legged
would watch the girls who passed by wearing miniskirts with ribbons
that hardly covered their thighs. On their feet, those high heel sandals
with transparent crystal strips,
revealed their pretty toesies
dotted with coral tips Flaminga felt hurt and angry
when she heard their nasty digs:
"What a weird and ugly creature,
just look at her skinny twigs." She was so angry and embarrassed
that her blood began to boil
and her pale colorless feathers
turned bright pink from head to soil. Flaminga changed since that day;
now she flaunts her shiny coat
as she strides, stretching her figure
like a long-stemmed crimson rose. Crítica Criticism plumas Feathers herir To hurt (as in feelings) susurro Whisper vivo Bright (as in color)
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