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Charles Herndon

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of CAREERS

main idea
during this prezi you will explore the world of careers. the prezi will have 5 different jobs. they are all from different cluster of jobs . enjoy!
exploring the world of jobs
what is a vet
a vet is a person who is qualified to take care of injured or hurt animal
http://www.playbuzz.com/shayc/which-baby-animal-are-you baby panda

http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/baby-animals/images/19797164/title/baby-kittens-photo kitten

provided by prezi 64 times
everyday job for a vet
a vet does many things. they diagnose an animals health, they treat and dress an animals wounds, and they perform surgery on animals.
vets also tell owners the right way to take care of their animal. they give out medicine to hurt animals to.
education for a vet
you must take as many math and science in high school as you can. you must have 2 or 4 years of preveterinarian. then you must take another 4 years at vet school to become a vet.

the skills needed to be a vet
one of the biggest skills that a vet needs is to be investigative next is to be realistic, then social, conventional, artistic, and enterprising.
the starting salary of a vet is from 27,000 dollars a year to 30,999 dollars. the average salary for a vet is 93,250
the salary of a vet
marine biologist
what is a marine biologist
a marine biologist is a person who studies, observes and protects the marine organismas
the average day of a marine biologist
the average day of a marine biologist can differ. some days the are dive in the ocean and observing the wildlife. the next day they are working in the lab testing the sambles that they have.
what education do you need to be a marine biologist
to be a marine biologist you need to have at least a bachlor's degree in marine biology. but you can't do much in the field with a bachlor's. To do every thing that a good marine biologist needs to do you must have masters degree in marine biology.
what skills do you need to be a marine biologist
you need to open mined to be a marine biologist. you also need skills like observant precise and patient
what is the salary for a marine biologist
the average salary for a marine biologist is about 57,000
food inspector
what is a food inspector
what does a food inspector do
what education do you need to be a food inspector
what skills do you need to be a food inspector
what is the salary of a food inspector
a food inspector is a person who checks our food like eggs and meat to make sure that the food is ok to eat
a food inspectors job depend on the food they have to inspect. the people who inspect fruit have to check for bruises or disease. the pepole who work in the dairy field have to check dairy plants and the have to inspect farms
a food inspecter must have a high school diploma and you must have a bachlors degree in agricultural.
you need to have skills like active listening, critical thinking, and speaking
a food inspector makes about 36,150 dollars a year
school superintendent
what is a school superintendent
a school superintendent is the head of the school. he is the person who makes the final decision on any thing thta happeneds at the school
what does a school superintendent do
a school superintendent does alot of thing. like if there is a rule at the school he is the one who finalizes the rules. they also direct the education program, spending, and the staff.
what education do you need
a school superintendent must have a master,s degree at minimum
what skills do you need to be a school superintendent
school superintendents need to be a good listening, and not afraid to take a risk.
what is a superintendents salary
a superintendent makes 268,534 dollars year.
video game devolper
what is a video game developer
a videogame developer is the person who knows all taskes in the process and he is like the head person.
what does a vidoe developer do
videogame developer specialise in different types of games he does the art and changes the language.
what sills do you need to be a videogame developer
videogame developer nedd to be creative, open minded, artistic .
what eduction do you need to be a videogame developer
videogame developers need to have a bachlor's degree in math, graphic design, or science.
what is a videogame developer salary
a videogame developer makes 71,000 dollars a year
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