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Mao Presentation

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Jisoo Kim

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Mao Presentation

so as Mao. He was Chinese Communist Politician who established To What Extent Should Mao be regarded as a hero of China? Positive Point Contribution on
Women's Policy Better quality of life (Innovative contribution) Republic of China R c i l b p e Every historical figure can be evaluated based on the standard of a hero to someone. There were various events what he had done between 1946-1976. Forced Married 1.Abolish concubinage +
Allow divorce for women who were 2. Outlaw of foot binding Mao's Solutions Light travels 300000 kilometres/ 186000 miles in only 1 second. Nothing can move faster. Damage on
Agriculture However, as the steel production was conducting, there were several problems took place. 1. More resources required as backup of production. Despite how much do peasants work, they have even lesser than people who are in higher status. 2. Dissatisfaction about the distribution of work These factors caused a serious famine in China. Damage on Culture Aim:
1. Construct a Socialism culture.
to overcome losses from the past.
= Destroy the Past (Communism) Before Mao's solution: The literacy rates were increased over 50% between 1949 to 1976, till Mao's death. Negative Points Yet, contributing on the development of Women's Policy and decrease of illiteracy rates. Conclusion: Mao can be regarded as a hero to some extent: In 1958, Mao had conducted Great Leap Forward for rapid development of China.
*Through a specialized
Steel Industry * u Agriculture Culture Women's
Policy Education Time before Mao, women were majorly under the power of men that they had to follow unfair and harsh laws. Forced Marriage Foot Binding The Rise of Literacy rate Contribution on
Education Mao decided to spread education for the development of China. Women's Policy &
Education Agriculture &
Culture Great Leap Forward (1958-1960) Aim: surpassing the whole world Conducted by: People's Commune Mobilization of Peasants Steel Production Cook peasants' meals cause less willingness of production There were over 4.3 million people died in starvation, which is still being recorded in Guinness World record as the worst famine. Cultural Revolution (1966-1976) Done by: RED GUARD Consisted of rising generation Criticize & abdicate
the intellectuals Burn artifacts Industry Scientific Technology Education Aggravated the Society Reference List: = Mao was a Hero in some extent! Literacy rate between 1949-1976 HERO DICTATOR Found institutions Overall:
Better life for women
& Education for children
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