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6 C's written Business Communcation

No description

gabriella masellis

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of 6 C's written Business Communcation

6 C's of written business
By: Gabriella Masellis Agenda 1. )What are the 6 C's?
2.) why are the 6 C's important?
3.)Business communication Video Concisness
Get to the point
Only say what is neccessary and important
Don't use cliches
Don't repeat facts What is Written Business Communication? Business Communication is a type communication and it is much easier to understand then oral communication. Good written communication contributes to success of an organization. It helps in building goodwill of an organization. Written business communication includes - letters, memoranda, agenda,reports etc. Complete
Include all necessary facts
*WHO, WHAT, WHERE,WHEN, WHY* Clarity Simple
Easy to read and understand Correct

Spelling and grammar

Know your audience and know who you are writing to.
Example:Manger of a company, employee etc. Written Business communcation is important because it is a form of how businesses communicate with one another. Aswell, it displays important information to certain people or organization.
It helps the person who is writing to improve there writing skills.
E-mails, Letters, Business Websites, reports are different examples of Written Business Communication. Credibility
All five business communication skills will make you have credibility Why is written Business Communication Important?
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