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Michaela Dunivan favorite book:

No description

Jean Sienkowski

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Michaela Dunivan favorite book:

Michaela Dunivan favorite book:
The Hunger Games

-District 12


Main Characters
Kattniss-Is the girl who loves to hunt and good with a bow.
Peeta-Loves Kattniss and is incredibly strong.
Rue-The allie of Kattniss and saved her life from tracker jacker stings.Died with a spear in herstomach.
To be continued...
To be
Haymitch-The trainer for Kattniss and Peeta for the games.
Effie-The supervisor and reaper for the kids that are going in the games.
Prim-The sister of Kattniss and that's what she's fighting for.
In this fantastic book there's a girl named Katniss that loves hunting with her bow.Then one day the Capitol has a game called The Hunger games.Her sister got called and Katniss volunteered.Now she has to win to get back to Prim.
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