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Holocaust VS Darfur genocide

No description

Carol Estrada

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of Holocaust VS Darfur genocide

Differences and similarities
The Holocaust
The Holocaust Darfur Genocide
Background info
The Holocaust
The Holocaust
The Holocaust
Darfur Genocide
Darfur Genocide
Darfur Genocide
Darfur Genocide
The Holocaust
Darfur Genocide

Hitler and the Nazis wanted to purify Germany from Jews, homosexuals, Gypsies, disabled people and other undesirables .
Genocide 2003~
Government of Darfur(Sudan) wants an "ethnic cleansing."
Passports stamped with a "J"
Stripped of German citizenship
Fired from jobs and businesses boycotted
Banned from German schools
ID cards
Jewish synagogues destroyed
Bandage with the Star of David
Marriages between Germans and Jews forbidden
Violence used against women(rape)
Attacks on civilians and on humanitarian convoys
Jews lived in "ghettos"
356 ghettos in Poland,Soviet Union,Czechoslovakia,Romania and Hungary during WWII
Ghettos:poor sanitation,overcrowding,bad food(result=diseases)
Concentration camps after ghettos.
People either murdered or forced to flee their home
Some displaced to Chad(country near Sudan)
Sedentary people attacked by nomads(gov.send to sedentary people the "Janjaweed" militia)
Faster and more efficient way to kill
Slave labour "annihilation by work"
Undernourishment and starvation
Prisoners transported in "Cattle freight cars"
Life in camps:-Heads shaved,arms tattooed,prisoner uniforms,separated by gender and age,only strong people survived,lice,unsanitary environment.
Villages burned by "Air Force bombings"
Food stocks burned
Enslaving,raping women and children
Stealing livestock
Dead bodies threw in the rivers to contaminate the water
Civilians tortured
11 million people were exterminated
6 million= Jews,5 million= from somewhere else
They were shot,starved,gassed and burned
They are also shot,murdered,tortured,burned
Food is missing= dead of starvation(famines)
Water is contaminated=dehydration
The Holocaust
Darfur Genocide
3 546 211 Jewish survivors
480 000 casualties
2.8 million moved to somewhere else
4.7 million trusting humanitarian aid
6 million people in Sudan
Genocide still continues

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