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Evolution of Fashion

No description

Jade Circelli

on 2 September 2018

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Transcript of Evolution of Fashion

Evolution of Fashion
80's Fashion
The 80's was all about flaunting it. This era was of fashion was very creative, natural, and displayed individuality.

Hair was big, colours were saturated. Boob-tubes, crop tops, flannels, mom jeans, track pants, sunglasses and plaid were all very popular. Fitness was an 80’s obsession.

Bright coloured accessories like bum bags, sunglasses, bangles and hoop earrings were a necessity. Teased hair, loud makeup and neon were an important part of this style. (more popular for the younger crowd)

90's Fashion
The 90s fashion have done a really good job of pushing their way back and making some of their clothing items a big trend currently.

Fashion in the 90's was generally loose fitting and colourful unless you were go. 1990 fashion was an explosion in colour. Bright yellow, orange, red, purple and green.

Late 90s rave culture swept through and people began to wear glamourous clothing again and name brand designers were back in a big way.

Crop tops, spandex leggings, coloured tights, plaid patterned skirts and blazers, shoulder pads, exercise outifts, checkered slip on vans, neon colours and high waisted jeans are some of the main clothing items worn.
00's Fashion
Fashion in the 2000s moved away from the minimalist approach, including the fusion of trends from several different styles. By the early 2000s, designers began incorporating more color and pattern into their clothing, using inspiration from vintage clothing of the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s. Women's fashion took a more feminine turn as women began wearing denim miniskirts and jackets, halter tops, low-rise jeans.
2018 Fashion
The trend from 2017 to 2018 is a lot of the style from back the 80's, 90's and 00's. This is a sign of the times where young girls want to look up-to-date with fashion but still like to dress freely to match their own personalities. Teenagers these days are going back in time with fashion but also with music. So in hindsight, fashion and music never gets lost in its time because trends come and go.

The fashion trends return to the 80s/90s/00s but they're a lot more grown up and sophisticated. I feel the playfulness of the clothes in those times are relevant today because young women like to look up-to-date and fit in with the current trends but also want to show their own style.

The 2000's was a 'mash up' decade, where trends were from previous styles. Many of the style in 1990's continued into the 00's, but became more polished.
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