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Rogers: Rock Music


Rachel Rogers

on 15 April 2016

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Transcript of Rogers: Rock Music

History of Rock & Roll
Rock and Roll
-a type of popular dance music originating in the 1950s, With a heavy beat and simple melodies. Rock and roll was an mix of rhythm and blues and country music, most common instruments are guitar, bass guitar, and drums.
As a class we will be learning about 9 very important people who helped create Rock & Roll.
Nearly all of popular music that you listen to today can be traced back to these founders of Rock & Roll.
"Hail. Hail, Rock & Roll"
-Chuck Berry
That is how he created the sound of Rock & Roll with his band called The Comets, and their song "Crazy, Man, Crazy". Teenagers liked his song so much Bill decided to change his style for good.
Bill traded in his western style cowboy shirts for
plaid jackets
, and began wearing his hair with a big round curl on his forehead.
Fashion Mash Up
From what you already know, what other famous Rock & Roll singer wore his hair with a curl on his forehead?
A. Bob Dylan
B. Jimmi Hendrix
C. Elvis Presley
Bill Haley and the comets recorded two of the most famous songs in Rock & Roll history, "Shake, Rattle and Roll". This song was originally written by a singer named Big Joe Turner.

He also wrote the song "Rock Around the Clock". It became the FIRST Rock & Roll song to reach #1 on the pop charts. Even though Bill was an adult he was able to sing about things teens liked, this made him the first Rock & Roll star.
Bill Haley and The Comets Hits:
"Shake, Rattle and Roll"
"Rock Around the Clock"
Little Richard
b. 1932

When he was 14 he left home and joined different traveling minstrel shows, including
Sugarfoot Sam, the King Brothers Circus, the Jolly Steppers, and the Broadway Follies.
On the program he was called Little Richard.

Little Richard made his first record when he was 18. but his big break came in 1955 in New Orleans. He found the magic formula for his performance:
Fast piano playing and made up words that he whooped and hollered in a high voice.
His debut smash hit in New Orleans was "Tutti-Frutti". He has remained one of Rock & Roll's most spectacular performers.
Chuck Berry
b. 1926
Chuck was born in
St. Louis
and learned to play guitar as a teenager, but he didn't become a musician right away.
He worked on an assembly line at a car factory, and then became a hair stylist at a beauty shop
. He started a band in 1952 and the trio began playing in the Midwest. Three years later they signed with Chess, a Chicago record label that specialized in blues and Rhythm & Blues. His first hit was "
" in 1955.
Chuck Berry pioneered the sound of Rock & Roll with his
electric guitar, catchy songs, and expressive voice
Teenagers loved watching Chuck. He was a
snappy dresser,
he scooted across the stage,
walking like a duck while playing his guitar
. Chuck's songs specialized in witty
lyrics that told stories or expressed how much teens loved Rock & Roll.
One of Chuck Berry's biggest fans in the 1950's was an English teenager named Keith Richards. What famous band did he become the guitarist for?
A. Led Zeppelin
C. The Beatles
B. Rolling Stones
Jerry Lee Lewis
b. 1935
Jerry grew up in
Ferriday, Louisianna
and started playing piano when he was 8 years old. He practiced songs from his parents' blues records. Jerry ended up with the nick name "
" because that was the name he called everyone else, he ended up using this nick name in one of his future songs.
Big Bopper
Elvis Presley
The King of Rock & Roll
Elvis grew up poor in the small town of
. He always loved music, and at the age of
he won second prize at the county fair. As a teenager he moved to Memphis, Tennessee with his parents. While living there he heard different kinds of music such as
gospel, blues, R & B, and country.
At first his style was called "
", a mix of "Rock & Roll" and "hillbilly". Elvis drove the audiences crazy with flashy clothes, swiveling his hips, and doing other dance moves. Girls screamed when he sneered and pouted.
After high school Elvis got a job driving a truck and he saved to buy his mother a special gift. He recorded two songs for his mom at Sun Records. The owner really liked Elvis's voice and signed him to the label.
Eventually Elvis left Sun Records and began recording with RCA. He had smash after smash:
"Heartbreak Hotel", "Blue Suede Shoes", "Don't Be Cruel", "Hound Dog", "Love Me Tender", and "Teddy Bear".

After serving two years in the army, from 1958-1960, Elvis stopped performing live. He returned in the 1970's and even though he was older and much heavier, his fans still adored him. Elvis died in 1977.
Elvis Presley, Bill Black, Scotty Moore, and D.J. Fontana
Buddy Holly
Buddy Holly was born Charles Hardin Holley in Lubbock, Texas. As a teenager. Buddy played Country & Western, but discovered Rock & Roll after sharing a bill (show) with
Elvis Presley
. Buddy had a special voice that could
hiccup and chirp
that sounded good singing all types of music. His band was called "Buddy and the Crickets" and included Niki Sullivan, Waylin Jennings, and Tommy Alsup. They changed the style for 1960's rock bands by writing and playing most of their own songs.
Richard Stephen Valenzuela came from a very poor Mexican-American family in California's San Fernando Valley. His father played Latin-style guitar, and young Ritchie started strumming along on a ukulele or toy guitar. He soon was playing
guitar, trumpet, harmonica, and drums
. While in high school he became the lead singer and guitarist for a trio called the
. Ritchie composed a song inspired by traditional Mexican wedding music he learned from his aunt called,
"La Bamba"
. This song is probably the most famous Spanish song in American pop history.
The day the music died
On February 2, 1959 after performing at the Winter Dance Party in Clear Lake, Iowa Buddy Holly, Ritchie Vallens, and the Big Bopper were ready to go to Minnesota for their next stop on tour. Their bus had lost heat, so Buddy chartered a 4 person plane to fly to Minnesota the next day. Instead of Waylin Jennings, the Big Bopper went on the flight because he had the flu. Tommy Allsup and Ritchie Valens flipped a coin, and Ritchie ended up going on the flight as well. Shortly after taking off on the morning of February 3, 1959 the plane crashed in a nearby city killing all three musicians and the pilot Roger Peterson.
What other Rock & Roll band named themselves after a bug?
The Beatles

The Beatles named themselves after a bug in honor of Buddy Holly and the Crickets.
Big Joe Turner
James Brown
b. 1933-2006
The Hardest Working Man In Showbusiness
Soul Brother Number One
The Godfather of Soul
Shortly after James Brown was born, his mother left him with his father. James's father did his best to raise him in a shack in the woods. At age 5 James learned to play the harmonica. At age 6 he moved to Augusta, Georgia, to his great-aunt's house. Because he was poor James had to work picking cotton and peanuts, cutting sugarcane, and shining shoes. James formed a band called the Cremona Trio, although eventually he started to hang out with the wrong crowd and became a burglar(a robber).
After performing on the same bill as Fats Domino, a Rock & Roll star, James and Bobby started their own group called the Flames. The Flames scored their first hit in 1956 called "Please, Please, Please". Soon James and the newly renamed Famous Flames were known for their gospel-meets-rhythm & blues sound, and for James's magnificent onstage dancing. Their exciting rhythms gave birth to the sound of soul, and their Rhythm & Blues style became very hot in the 1960's.
By 1967, when he recorded the single "Cold Sweat", he had taken funk music so far that the song's beat was more important than the melody. These types of songs were full of slogans and repeated phrases, backed by horn playing and exciting stop-start drumming. One of his songs called "Say It Loud---I'm Black and I'm Proud", celebrated African-American culture. Some other classic funk recordings were, "Soul Power", and "Get Up I Feel Like Being a Machine". In the beginning of the 1980's he would influence rap music as well.
In 1962, James released a solo soul album, Live at the Apollo. He became the FIRST black artist to sell a million albums. James Brown was known for his phenomenal dancing, his legs could almost move faster than the eye could see. He also had a soulful voice that was one of the most powerful and dynamic in pop music. James Brown pioneered the 1970's black music style with the bass-heavy dance version of soul music called funk.
Top left and Bottom right: James Brown and the Famous Flames. Bottom right: Bobby Byrd.
The Beatles
The Beatles, possibly one of the most famous bands was originally from Liverpool, England. They were formed in 1959 and first aired on T.V. in the United States in February 1964 performing the song "I Want to Hold Your Hand". The original band members included John Lennon (1940-1980), Paul McCartney, George Harrison(1943-2001), and Pete Best(later replaced by Ringo Star). From the beginning, John and Paul wrote nearly all the group's songs.
Starting in 1962, the Beatles had big hits like "Love Me Do", and "Please Please Me". They won worldwide fame the next year with the song"She Loves You". Their fame was so big it became known as Beatlemania. The band wasn't able to go anywhere without police protection. The band broke up in 1970 due to differences between band members.
When he was 13 Jerry performed for the first time in public at the local Ford dealership. After high school Jerry gave up music and went to bible school to be a preacher. In 1956 he traveled to Memphis to join Sun Records. Jerry and his father raised and sold
to finance the trip.
Jerry recorded the hit "Crazy Arms" and was a piano accompanist for other Sun Records artists. His early records were credited to "
Jerry Lee Lewis and His Pumping Piano"
. Jerry Lee Lewis wasn't just a piano player, or a singer, he was one of the greatest showmen. He practically did tricks like
jumping up in the air, pounding the keys with his feet, and growling and yodeling his songs
. Jerry has played all kinds of music including a country version of "Chantily Lace" originally done by Big Bopper. (remember this name!)
When he was 16, he was aressted and sent to a jail for teenagers. While there he met a gospel musician named Bobby Byrd, who performed for the inmates. After three years, James got out and moved in with Bobby's family. James tried a few different jobs, he tried to be a boxer and then a baseball player. He found his true calling when he and Bobby sang gospel together.
Jerry Lee Lewis was rumored to have...
A. Set his piano a flame
C. Set the stage on fire
B. Break piano strings
Bill started his career in the late 1940's as a singing cowboy with the
country and western
bands the
Down Homers
and the
. He then became a fan of
rhythm and blues
and began to mix the two styles together.
Richard Penniman, born in Macon, Georgia, he was 1 of 12 children. He performed in public for the first time at age
when the gospel-blues singer Rosetta Tharpe invited him onstage. Richard loved Rhythm & Blues, but his father only allowed him to sing gospel music.
While in the traveling minstrel shows he met a performer named Esquerita who taught him how to
play piano, inspired him to wear his hair in a huge frizzy pompadour, and grow a pencil-thin mustache.
Minstrel Show
-popular stage show with songs, dances, and comedy. It was created in the U.S. in the early 19th century.
Ritchie Valens
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