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Unit 8: Celebrations

No description

Yến Trinh

on 8 December 2013

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Transcript of Unit 8: Celebrations

Unit 8: Celebrations
Going to the pagoda
Receiving the "lucky money"
Watching fireworks
Visiting relatives and friends

Visiting ancestors' graves
Offerings to Kitchen God
Clean and decorate their houses ^ ^
Make sure that we don't sweep the floor during Tet
The Fruit Tray on the ancestor's altar
Apricot blossom( in Southern Vietnam)
Peach blossom (in Northern Vietnam)
Stand for close friendship :)))
Tet Pole
To people's belief,they put up this to avoid demons
Northen people usually make this at Tet while southern people make Sticky rice cake ( banh tet)

Banh Chung
Sticky rice cake
Unicorn dance
This art orsymboliseiginated in China
The three animals for properties,happiness,and wealth
Making banh chung cake
Eating special Tet foods
Decorating the house
Going to the flower market
clean and cut grass around the tombs
bring food and incenses to pray for the dead
He will report all things happening in the past year to the God
Vietnamese usually go to the market and buy
things to prepare for Tet
The fruit tray includes:
+ coconut
+ papaya
+ fig

peole respectfully pray for themselves and their family
it means getting new luck in the beginning of a year
celabrate the anniversary of longevity
people exchange best wishes
By Ms.Yen Trinh
Thank you for spending your precious time watching !
Best wishes to all guys ^ ^
Yen Trinh
Nhat Huy
And other members of group 3
Presented by
Some typical symbols of The Lunar New Year

Some activities that people enjoy doing
most at Tet
Some activities before the Lunar New Year
A main feature at Tet
symbolising for luckiness,happiness
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