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Business Agility with IBM BPM, SOA and Cloud

Cognizant perspective on driving Business Agility with IBM's Business Process Management (BPM), SOA, and Cloud based infrastructures.

Garry Gomersall

on 25 January 2014

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Transcript of Business Agility with IBM BPM, SOA and Cloud

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)
Business Events
Business Rules
Enterprise Process Integration
Human Task Workflows
Pervasive Instrumentation:
Alerts at Business, Process, Service and IT level
Externalisation of Business Logic
Declarative Business "Natural Language"
Gives control back to business users without recourse to IT in supporting changes
Decisioning Engine
Knowledge worker application
"Window" on the process
Mask process complexity
Rapid time to value for error prone processes
Easy way to find the "happy path" process
End-End Process Integration
Integration of process work steps
Work dispatched across other environments
...whilst preserving PROCESS, and TRANSACTION contexts
....and maintaining INFORMATION integrity
Business Services
Composite Applications
Business Policy Management
Component Business Services
Shared Service Models
Industry Frameworks and Content Packs
Operational level metrics
Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
Manage to SLAs
Business Operations Insight
Business Analytics & Optimisation (BAO)
Business Intelligence
Key Agility Indicator (KAI) Metrics
Business Performance and Service Optimisation
Cloud-based Infrastructure:
Why ? = Business Issue / Outcome
does the business even care ?
What ? = Process Context
defines the scope and focus for change
Who ? = User(s) Impacted
"the application view"
How ? = SOA, BPM and Cloud
Leverages the "service" paradigm
Off-premise and public cloud
On-premise private cloud infrastructures
Cloud-based SaaS
Unstructured Data
Scanned paper documents
"Case" based workflow management
Paper intensive manual processes
electronic forms
Document-centric Workflow
Business Agility with IBM BPM
Cloud-based Infrastructure
Cognizant's BPM Solutions
IBM Blueworks Live
Better than "process over email"
Enables Anyone, anywhere to be a process expert
Takes you to the next level of process improvement
SIMPLE. SOCIAL. SaaS offering for Process Improvements
BPM BlueWorks
BPM BluePrint
Garry Gomersall, Cognizant
E-Mail: tigerman@thejungleroom.co.uk
Cognizant: Garry.Gomersall@cognizant.com
Enterprise Visibility
Operational Dexterity
Process Integrity
Business Agility Requires
The picture is the process
Current operational "fire"
One Sigma quality... a 32% error rate
Individual or group heroics make the process work
Poorly understood end-to-end process within LOB
High frequency of change...>4 times per year
Process Discovery & Analysis
- as easy as "post-it" notes
- execute WYSIWYG
- moved beyond static Visio and Powerpoint
STP + Exception
"perfect the instruction"
Human Task
Dynamic End-End
6 Repeating BPM Patterns
PaaS + SaaS + IaaS
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