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Gulf War

No description

keaston brown

on 9 October 2014

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Transcript of Gulf War

Gulf War
Gulf War
Keaston Brown
My Momma: Jo Brown
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Gulf War Illness and Jobs and Responsibilities.
The illness was called Gulf War Illness. This illness was a collections of chronic signs and symptoms reported by many countries including the U.S. symptoms were disabling headaches, rashes, joint pain, muscle pain, multiply cancers , and etc. My Momma's job and responsibilities was Administrative Assistant to Lieutenant Commander James Williams of Ftg. She delivered " Secret, Classified" and Confidential mail.

Hardships and clothing worn in the Gulf War.
Oil politics provided the movement behind Saddam Hussein's Iraq army invasion of Kuwait Aug. 2, 1990, posing many hardships during the this war. Kuwait consistently produced above above its assignment quota, which led the Iraqis to believe that Kuwait's primary intentions was to undermine Iraq in the Region. Human suffereing from injury and ultimately death of our military troops and innocent people of Kuwait and surrounding areas was by far the greatest hardship. The clothing that they wore in this war were chocolate chip cammie, Dungaree, Dixie cup, and many more.
In conclusion, I learned a lot during this project. At the beginning at the project I didn't even know of the Gulf War. After doing this project I have learned many things about this war and our countries history during this time period.

5 Facts
1990-1991 Persian Gulf War
U.s., British, Canadian, Czech, Danish, Saudi, Egyption, Australian and other armed forces were deployed in Operation Desert storm.
There were six colors of uniforms
The Gulf War was a illness that affected many.
Happened in Persian Gulf
My resources was my momma. She was in the Gulf War and she shared her information with me and my class.
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