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Animator Job

I love Ikuto <3!!!!!! EHHHHHHHH lol random stuff

Sam Revels

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Animator Job

(The job)
Revels Animators work with special effects,
animations and So what exactly do
Animators do? Animators make animations, Special effects Visual images Using film, video, computers,
and other media. Education to be an Animator? The minimum education is a high school
degree, but in college
there are anime-related
courses. Why do I want to be an animator? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? Because I LOVE anime!
=^-^= What is a little known fact
about animators? Well... computer animation
was first used in video games!
As technology advanced
animation grew into TV shows,
movies, etc. 1. You work on a computer
almost ALL day
2. You don't go outside much
3. No physical strength required
4. And... What is the outlook for Animators? The reason the demand for
has been quickly increasing is
due to the entertainment and
video game industry. Employment for Animators is
expected to grow faster than
average through 2018 Who are some famous
Animators? Famous Walt Disney Warner Bros. Hayao Miyazaki What is the average salary
for an Animator? The average salary for
an animator (in the
U.S.) is $46,939 Resources Resources
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