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pope's butler

No description

alba gimenez

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of pope's butler

Glossary PAOLA GABRIELLE: breach: rupture,hole,fissure...
to cap: cover
misdeeds: fault,transgression...
leaks: loss
betray: corrupt NOWADAYS - BOOK: POPE'S BUTLER GLOSSARY lift the lid on = desenmascarar
- whistlerblowers = person who tells the public about alleged dishonest or illegal activities.
- nugget = pepita
- abet = assist
- holy see = santa sede
- struggle = to be engaged with a problem
- Prelate= pope.
- allegedly= by declaration. MAIN CHARACTERS Paolo Gabrielle Tarciso Bertone Ettore Gotti Georg Gaenswein Gianluigu Nuzzi Paolo Gabrielle on trial The thing I feel most strongly is the conviction of having acted out of visceral love for the Church of Christ and of its leader on earth. I do not feel I am a thief." // "I feel guilty of having betrayed the trust of the Holy Father, whom I love" // "ready to accept any consequences". - vying = "fighting"
- to undermine = debilitar
- acknowledge = admit
- pontiff = the pope
- to mitigate = make something bad
- gendarme = police officers
- to cut in half = divide in two GLOSSARY CONCLUSION
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