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Plot Mapping

No description

Pamela Case

on 30 October 2013

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Transcript of Plot Mapping

The Plot Map
Rising Action
Falling Action
This pattern is what you need to know to navigate
and tell a good story.
A story begins at the beginning and ends at the end,
but there's all sorts of wonderfulness that happens in
the middle. There is a general pattern that most stories
follow, and that pattern is what we call the Plot Map.
This is the introduction of the story. It introduces the story's

, and
is the main character.
is the person in conflict with the main character. Not all stories have antagonists.
The time and place in
which a story happens.
External Conflict
: a struggle between a character and an outside force, such as another character, nature, society, or fate.
Internal Conflict
: takes place within the mind of the character who struggles with opposing feelings or with indecision about how to act.
Develops or builds up the conflict with complications and twists. The build up of the conflict can often create tension and suspense in the story.
The turning point. This is when the Protagonist must meet head on, confront, and often overcome the conflict or the source of the conflict. Because of this, it is often the emotional high point of the story.
Typically, the outcome of the conflict is still in question; however, the plot is moving toward resolution. The conflict has begun to unravel.
Shows how the conflict or problem is resolved. Creates normality for the characters and often a release of tension or anxiety for the reader.
The story of Cinderella
Rising Action
Falling Action
Cinderella lives with her stepsisters and their mother. They make her wear rags and do all the hard work.
An invitation to a ball at the palace arrives.
The stepsisters prepare for and go to the ball.
A fairy godmother appears and provides Cinderella with clothes, coach, and footman.
Cinderella goes to the ball.
Cinderella dances with the prince, but leaves hurriedly at midnght, loses a slipper.
The Prince says he will marry the woman whom the slipper fits.
The Stepsisters try to force their feet into the slipper. It fits Cinderella.
Cinderella and the prince marry.
They lived happily ever after.

with a partner
1. Think of a movie, book, story, etc.
2. Consider its
3. Create a thorough
plot map
of the story, keeping in mind that most of the content will be in the Rising Action. Please write in complete sentences.
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