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Manitoba/Ontario Prezi

on 21 February 2017

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Transcript of Munro/Shur-Gro

Radio Can Tell Your Story
The internet has made it fast and easy to search for the facts details and prices about your offerings. But more often than not buyer decisions are made emotionally and only justified logically with research and facts after that emotional story has won their hearts. Radio’s human voice, story telling, and humour can inspire consumers to search for your facts and details online.

Helping you fertilize your client crop
and grow your way to the top!

Advertising Improves you R.O.I
Many of your fixed costs, like electricity, rent, staff, and more, remain constant whether you have 100 customers or none. Advertising can generate the traffic and sales to ensure you capture a return on all of your other investments.

You Control Your Advertising
You have little or no control over what is being said about you in social media or in the marketplace, but you have total control over the image your advertising creates.
Advertising is Cost Effective
If you could afford it, you would have a professional sales person tell your story to every prospect in your market. Advertising was invented as a more cost effective way of telling your story to hundreds or thousands of people you could not afford to reach in person with your sales force.
Why Advertise
Why Radio
Your Message Stands Alone
When your radio commercial airs, there are no pop-ups, news headlines, competitor’s ads, or other distractions to detract from your message.
Recency and Immediacy
Recency theory suggests that ads are more relevant and have more impact as consumers get closer to making purchase decisions. Advertising consistently on radio carries your message through the entire buying process, from creating a pre-need preference for your business to a time of pulling the purchase trigger.

We have covered what matters to the agricultural industry for 60 years.

Our audience is almost exclusively rural.
Rural means agri-business.
Rural means farmers.

International agri-business has leveraged our connection to local producers.

Grain Rush
Tank & Trailer
Fort McMurray
Donation Drive
Country 93 Launch
Market Research
There are a total of 345 farms in the R.M. of Portage la Prairie
That means there are 2,850 farmers to reach
Share of Voice = Share of Mind = Share of Market
Local Business which have a strong broadcast presence consistently create stronger share of mind than business which rely solely upon print or the internet.
The Three R's of Share of Mind
Reach x Repetition x Relevance = Results
Reach multiplied by Repetition improves results, with the greatest multiplier of all being Relevance of your message.
Magic Formulas
A Sound Partnership!
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