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No description

Nikhita Rele

on 6 October 2014

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Business Requirements Document

Overview of Topics
Budget Analysis
To help business grow efficiencies.
Automating the process to help reduce time
Forming departments – Finance, Sales
Marketing Imitative – Website
Monthly reports
Profit & Loss
Sales Commission
Decision making – stock replacement & promotion

Functional Requirements
Project In-scope
This project is undertaken to create a new business model for HTV as a recommendation.

HTV needs a hosted Commercially-Of-The-Shelf (COTS) solution for its new business process.

Project In-Scope
The main Project Deliverable is the Business Requirements Document to include :
Gap analysis to find the missing pieces

Budget Analysis to determine approximate cost of the solution & time taken to implement the solution and recover cost

Detailed Business Rules analysis using techniques such as Surveys, Interviews and Focus groups.

Project Out-of-Scope
Business process re-engineering
Selection of the software
Development and implementation of the software
Human resources module
Recommendation of partnering of HTV with another Financial Institution for financing / leasing option

Non-Functional Requirements

User Interface: Easy to use and learn, accessible through computers and tablets, error notifications.
Documentation: Clear training manuals, information on how to troubleshoot any issues.
Hardware Considerations: Computer and mobile tablets.
Physical Environment: HTV location.
Security Issues: Highly sensitive and confidential data have password protected and automatically lock.
Resources and Management Issues: Adequate processing power and memory storage, redundant memory for daily backup.

Implementation & Testing Strategy
Presented by:

Saud Alshakaki
Jitendra Gauni
Ipsita Kappal
Gauri Keny
Eric N. Madan
Nikhita Rele
Lan Zhang

Introduction / Background - Ipsita
Assumptions - Nikhita
Project In-Scope / Out-Scope - Gauri
Budget / Time & Project Milestones - Johnny
Functional Requirements - Eric
Non-Functional Requirements - Lan
Implementation & Conclusion - Saud
Time Analysis
Based on ROI (Return on Investment)
Paid back in approx 1 years time

Identifying business value – System Request
Analyze feasibility – Technical, Economic & Organisation
Develop a work plan – Task Identification & Time Estimation

Problem Analysis using the techniques of Fishbone, Decision Tree & Benchmarking
Information gathering with interviews & questionnaires
Process Modeling
Data Modeling

Milestones Contd..
Outsourcing of designed plan
Hardware & Network Design

Programming & Testing
Training & Conversion

Sample Use Case
Risk and Constraints
Risks documentation forms
• organizational risks
• technical risks

• budget
• time
• organizational issues

HTV is a family based small business since 1972
with set business rules and policies
Having current process all manual with high human errors
This is the AS-IS Organization Chart

Introduction / Background

Our team is using modern approach to fulfill
gaps in the existing system

HTV is a family based small business since 1972
with set business rules and policies
having current process all manual with high human errors
This is the AS-IS Organization Chart
to illustrate different processes

Purpose -
To increase volume and profits
To allow proper reporting
To provide capability of option for financing & leasing

Swim Lane Diagram AS-IS
Project In-Scope
Specification of Functional and Non-functional Requirements

Understanding of the Data Structure

Complete Risk Analysis

Defined Assumptions and constraints
Project In-Scope
The outcome of the BRD must –
define the AS-IS and TO-BE state of the business process

determine the Solution Type (ERP, CRM etc.) that will work for the business

determine the functional and non-functional requirements for an automated system integrated with Customer & Vendor Management tool and Financial Reporting Capability

To - Be
Organization Structure
Business Process Model
We recommend that HTV implements a system that is -

Commercially-Off-The-Shelf (COTS)
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Within a budget of $1,750,000 with a Return-on-Investment of less than a year.
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