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10 Secrets to a 10

No description

Mollie Browning

on 13 October 2016

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Transcript of 10 Secrets to a 10

10 Secrets to a 10
Looking at Body Paragraphs
Secret #1
You need more of your own words/sentences than QUOTES, that is why it is VITAL that you have a GOOD TOPIC SENTENCE and AT LEAST 2 "FEDI" sentences per quote.

on original words vs. quoted
Secret #2
to your
.. you have to "set the stage" for your piece of proof because you are writing as if the reader is smart but HAS NOT read the passages word for word.
(Write this down)
To even be a hero, you need to be recognized by people
If the hero fails to meet society’s changing standards, they will fall from their former echelon of prestige and respect"

(Husain, 4).
Secret #3
Citing the Source
Where does it go?
AFTER the quotation mark, BEFORE the period.

How do I cite it? There are 2 ways...
(Author, paragraph #)
(Abbreviated Title, paragraph #)

The first sentence of your body paragraph is called "the topic sentence."

You must address your "reason/circle" IN NEW WORDS. DO NOT REPEAT the same words from your thesis.

Let's Write One...
Secret #4
Your ELAB sentences explain
WHY your piece of proof is
important to your argument.

You HAVE to
HAVE at least 2 for EACH
Here is a list of words that describe a PERFECT 10...
(Does this describe your writing?)

Consistent, Fully, Clearly, Skillfully, Strongly Maintained, Logical, Sustained, Satisfactory, Strongly, No Forced Evidence, Relevant Evidence, Relevant Elaboration, Interwoven Ideas, Interconnectedness.
Secret #5 |
The Algorithm

Your essay will be run through a computer
algorithm that will spit out two statistics:

1. Percentage of "copy and pasted" words from the text.

2. Percentage of repeated words/phrases.
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