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comparative essay writing

No description

Sadie-Beth Holder

on 25 February 2016

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Transcript of comparative essay writing

What does this look like ...
How is love presented in Porphyria's Lover and one other poem from your anthology?

Porphyria's Lover and The Farmer's Bride both present the dangerous side of love. The use of colour imagery in both poems shows how the male character's pose a threat to the women. For instance in Porphyria's Lover, Browning refers to the 'rosy' colour of Porphyria's cheeks whereas Mew creates imagery of the berries reddening as his frustration with his wife increases. The use of the colour red reflects the danger of love as its connotations portray the unpredictable and threatening personality of Porphyria's killer: he is passive through most of the poem before he unexpectedly lashes out. Meanwhile the use of red in The Farmer's Bride shows the increasing sense of sexual frustration and dangerous obsession: Mew may be suggesting that the Farmer will take his wife's virginity by force if she continues to refuse him. In both poems, the women are presented as victims of love as they both get caught up in the danger that can come from passion.
Other items on the menu ...
comparative essay writing
Step 1 - The base bun

A new point.

This must directly answer the question.
(This will more than likely be on a
love, loneliness, desire)
Step 2 - The beef burger

How the first poem presents the theme.

You might pick out a technique or a particular attitude from the poem. Don't forget to select a short quote to support your comment.
Step 3 - The cheese

How the second poem presents the theme.

Is it presented in the same way or differently? Remember you are still discussing the
same idea
as the base bun.

This will also need a quote for support and analysis.
Step 4 - The top bun

A mini conclusion about the idea.

Draw on both poems, how do they present the theme or what do they say about the theme.

Don't forget to link this to the question.
From this sentence the examiner should know whether you're are going to talk about what is the
or what is

Both poems demonstrate...
Although the first poem has a positive tone, the second poem...
Each of the poems takes a slightly different approach...
The two poems contrast in...
There is a similar description of... in both poems.
Topic sentences to help you begin.
Other items on the menu ...
These need to be used throughout this essay. They will guide the examiner through your essay and help you to navigate between the two poems.

Whereas, Alternatively, Nevertheless, Conversely, Although, Instead of, However, On the other hand, As with, In the same way, Equally, Likewise, Similarly.
Discourse Markers to change the direction of your writing.
re-cap porphyria's lover and the farmer's bride
Create 4 Venn diagrams:
Features of structure and form
Poetic Techniques
Identify the different parts of the burger in this answer
Have a go at drafting your own paragraph in the burger format.
Work through it ingredient by ingredient.
Due 1st March (Week)
Complete your comparative paragraph from today in the burger style.
Create an additional comparative paragraph in the burger style.
2 burger style paragraphs
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