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The Great War

No description

Piotr Głuszczyk

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of The Great War

The sides formed Millions of victims
Fall of the biggest empires
like: Russia, Austria-Hungary
and Prussia.
Creation of new countries
like: Poland, Austria and Hungary
Disappearance of royal families like: Hapsburgs
The League of Nations
Fast technical development
Rising of nationalism in Russia and Germany Alliances in the Europe at that time A new style of warfare part 2 A new style of warfare part 3 Introduction of a biological weapon -mustard gas 1914-1918 The Great War A new style of warfare part 1 Machine guns
Long-range, heavy artillery
Poison gas (various types)
“No-Man’s Land”
Hand grenades
Trench warfare (not entirely new) Another effects of the Great War Direct Indirect Causes of the Great War Nationalism
Peace time alliances Assassination of archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo
Great Britain
Russia (1917 exit)
United States (1917 entry)
Austria-Hungary (empire)
Ottoman Empire
Bulgaria Triple Entente (Allies) Central Powers British Vickers Machine Gun The Big Bertha and its shell The Schrapnellmine The Schrapnellmine A British Mark V A British Mark V British propaganda posters The stalemate in trenches " Lions led by donkeys" Marek Kusior
Piotr Głuszczyk US participation in the Great War Beginning of the Great War Why Britain joined to war? Thank you for your attention. We hope that you did not get bored. What the War gave us? *Independence of Belgium, which was endangered by a Schlieffen's plan Main reason: The Schlieffen's plan Main reason: German's attack on the Luisiana
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