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Jillian Gajewski Hour 4


jillian gajewski

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Jillian Gajewski Hour 4

I was born on November 27 1999 .
After I was born the nurse would try to clean me up and I wouldn't put my legs down . The nurse would put my legs down and I would just put them right back up. My parents are Julie Ann DeVita and Keith Ryan DeVita. I have one brother named Kyle, he is 19. I got my name Jillian because my mom liked the sound of it . My nationality is polish and my ethnicity Caucasian. Elementary Years Middle School Future Autobiography
by .Jillian Gajewski

Hour 4
The colors that represent my personality are pink ,purple,and blue Introduction Beginning years I grew up in Eastpointe ,MI . My first days of school I did not have a lot of friends. Some of my first friends in school were Madison, Zachary, Kyle and Tyler. One of my first memories is breaking my leg in a moonwalk and having a cast on my leg in first grade . One of the vacations I remember taking was going up to Port Sanilac to my aunts house for the Fourth of July fireworks . One funny story about my beginning years was I use to like to put stickers on my face and walk around the house. I also liked to sleep in large boxes that my mom brought home from work. For most of elementary school I went to Woodland . In 6th grade I went to Pleasentview for a short time before switching to Bellview. When I was in 2nd grade I went on a family vacation. We went to Ohio to Geauga Lake. It was the first time on vacation with my new family. In 3rd grade I had surgery on my left knee when I cracked the bone riding my scooter. My dad had to push me around in my wheel chair on funky field day. A funny story from 6th grade is when I was taking pictures on the computer with my friends in media when we weren't supposed to. My friends were Aliana, Mackenzie, Nicole, Asia, Malisa, Katielyn ,Jada,Hayile , and Shannon.
One of my interests is Detroit Tigers I love Miguel Cabrera. Two of my favorite activities are singing and dancing. When I was little i wanted to be on American Idol. After graduation I plan on going to college. I would like to go to The University of Michigan , Harvard or Yale. After college I would like a career in teaching. I want to get married and have a family with 4 to 5 kids. I would love to be to able to travel to Poland and Germany to find more about my family background and maybe even find some family i never met. I go to Kelly ALPS middle school. On the first day of school I was very nervous cause it was my first day in a new school . I was less nervous after seeing all my old friends and meeting some new friends, Samantha , Emma, Makalya, Angela and Jada . A funny story about middle school was being lost in this small building . Another interests of mine is drawing and being creative. Which is why I love art class.
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