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Crow Lake

English Presentaion

jasmeen ghumaan

on 18 October 2013

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Transcript of Crow Lake

The True Tragedy & Final Pond Visit
Marie's Take on True Tragedy
That Kate doesn't see how happy Matt is
The hardest thing on Matt was Kate's disappointment
How Kate can hardly look at Matt
Daniel's Take on Marie's Confrontation
Daniel supports Marie
Matt's failure is a disappointment
Not a tragedy
Makes no difference to who Matt is
Real Tragedy is ; Kate gives the disappointment so much importance
Matt came to terms with it & Kate didn't
True Tragedy ; How they have grown apart
Kate's New Perspective
See's Matt talking about farming
See's that Matt was not tragic
See's that Matt is learning
But in a different way
Great Grandma made her single-minded
Saw education as only in books
Set standard of judging people
Harveen, Jasmeen & Jessica
Kate's Reaction
Kate's Reaction
Solution to repair relationship
The Ponds, The Final Visit
Kate was astonished /speechless
Kate still did not understand Marie
Thought Marie was wrong
Marie didn't understand what Matt had lost
Total silence within her
Felt disbelief/confusion/resentment
Thought he couldn't understand them
In such short time
Wanted time to think about what both of them had said
Was ready to break-up with him
At that point
Examine her new perspective on Matt
Go back to The Ponds with Daniel
Try to re-build what they had
Ultimately, the pond represented the relationship between Kate and Matt, and yes, the pond will continue to define the relationship between Kate and Matt
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