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P1- Unit 30

A description of the Required devices for Graphics designersfor A level ICT unit 30 p1

Kahrn Sanderson

on 21 January 2014

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Transcript of P1- Unit 30

Hardware and Software used to make Graphics
Output Devices
Editing Software
USB Memory Stick
Graphics Designers need this so that they
can easily transfer data from their computer
to that of the clients without the cost
of ink or a CD it is also easier to use and
they can put all manner of films on it. they range in size from 2MB to 200MB and cost from 5-100 pounds
CPU stands for central processing unit and is
essentially the Brain of the computer and is
used to process commands issued by the input devices
and to control the output of the output devices. CPU's
range in power and processing speed such as i7 and Quad-core and cost anywhere from 45-4700.this is required by graphic designers as without this the computer would be non functional, thus disallowing them to use the computer and subsequently forbidding them from creating graphics as a result of this
External Storage
A Hard Disc is very similar to RAM,
except it is non volatile. This means
that it is not deleted after use.
Hard Disc
Internal Computer Parts
Ram stands for Random access memory and is used as storage for data that is required while the computer is on, running and functional. Graphics designers need RAM so that their computer can complete actions such as modifications faster. It is also required to reduce latency from advanced software and pictures.
Unit 23+33
Graphics designers
need this simply
to make their
computer function
and without a
working computer
they cannot
do computer design. They also need this
simply to have a computer that works with software.
Unit 23+35
Graphics designers need
this simply becuase
without a functioning computer they cannot design anything!
Graphics Designers Need this so that
they can transfer the data from their computer
to the computer of the clients without using
the internet!
Graphics Designers
Need RAM so that their computer
can run faster so it can perform
the desired actions faster!
Graphics Card

A graphics card is the component in your computer that handles generating the signals that are sent to the monitor or "graphics". It is responsible for generating all the text and pictures that are displayed on your screen. this is required by graphics designers as otherwise the computer would be unable to show the graphics on the monitor, this obviously means that without a graphics card, the graphics cannot be seen making it extremely difficult to edit old designs or to create new ones
A mouse is an input device and is used to
execute commands by clicking. Models include
Razer, logitech. And cost from £20-£120. A mouse is vital for computer use simply on Vista. in which it is required to actually get into a user profile.
Mouses are used
by Graphics designers
becuase they need it
to execute the commands
e.g. opening the editing
A keyboard is an input device
and is used to type in text and to use shortcuts.Types include Microsoft Dell e.t.c. Keyboards range from 20-140 pounds.
Graphics designers
need this so that
they can incorperate
text into their designs
Graphics Tablet
A Graphics tablet is designed
so that they can draw an image
with their own hand, also
it is an alternative form of the
mouse that people prefer to use in accordance with the pencil tool to create more precise graphics than using a mouse
Digital Camera
A digital Camera is used so that the Graphics designer can incorporate photos into the designs such as a photo of something related to an advert. this is required if the inclusion of a particular graphic is required e.g. the photo of a company's logo, it can also be used as a way to circumvent copyrighted material
Color ink jet Printer
quality images or photos
Color Laser Printer
It is used more
for individual photos
A color Laser
A Monitor is
an input device
and is used to
display what the
computer is doing. It
is priced from 30-145 pound.
Graphics Designers
need a Monitor simply
so that they can see
what they are doing
Units 23, 33
Paint.net is a editing
software that is
available for free from

Paint Shop Pro
Paint Shop pro
is from Corel and
is similar to paint.net
only a trial is available without charge, this is also potentially required by graphics designers as it has some features which are not present on other soft wares, so if this particular is a pre-requisite of the desired design, then this must be used.
Abode Fireworks
Abode fireworks
is part of the software package
by Macro media, the
package is more expensive
than any other! It is also
needed by graphics designers because
it would help them to change
pictures. as according to the finished design, this also is capable of saving files
as a PNG graphic, this means that it
is suitable for logos and other graphics which are required to be re-sized frequently with no loss of quality, this also reduces the need for file compression software or file type changers as it is already in the desired format
Microsoft Paint
Microsoft Paint is
the most primitive
software package
available, it is
free from Microsoft
and it is a bitmap editor
this can be required by graphics designers as it is one of the only software which can easily change file types, this is required, as it can potentially increase quality and color depth as well as reducing file size.
GIMP stands for
GNU manipulation program
it is primarily
made by volunteers. this is
required by graphics designers
if they want a software which
is open-source and constantly improved this is also the best software for gnu editing, meaning it could be required if GNU manipulation is also required.

Cache Memory
In computer engineering,
a cache is a component that
transparently stores data
so that future requests for
that data can be served faster
A CD-ROM an acronym of compact
Disc Read-only is a pre-pressed
compact disc that contains
data accessible to,
but not writable by,
a computer for data
storage and music playback
A tablet is a thin
computer and can perform many of the proccesses that a computer can.
A plotter is
a type of printer
which uses many
injections of ink to create
an overall picture
Image Viewers
An image viewer or image browser is a computer program that can display stored graphical image; it can often handle various graphics file formats. Such software usually renders the image according to properties of the display such as color depth, display resolution, and color profile.
Photo Galleries
Windows Photo Gallery is a photo management, tagging, and editing tool developed by Microsoft, and is included with all editions of Windows Vista. Themed photo slideshows with smooth transitions are only available in the Home Premium and Ultimate editions.
Grahpics designers
need this so that their
computers can perform
commands faster. Also if they
have advanced software they can
use it to improve the speed in
accordance with the amount of memory
in use.
Graphics Designers
need this so that they
can edit a picture and create
computer design. It is also required
so that they can modify their design
in response to the 'whims' of the
client. this possess other features which may not be easily avaialb eon other software leading to an increase in the uniqueness of the design
Graphics designers
also need this becuase
they would have to get other
packages for computer
design. And it may help them
produce a more simplistic design
according to the wants of the
This is required by a graphics designer
because it allows them to manipulate GNU
and also to edit the images with different tools which makes them more unique and it
adds to the client satisfaction making them more likely to be hired.
This is required by a Graphics designer so that they can edit the chosen images in an alternate way. it will also provide a
number of different
features making their designs more unique.
This is required by a Graphics designer
so that they can edit the chosen images in an
alternate way in response from the clients feedback
Graphics designers
Graphics designers
need this so that they can
input commands into
a computer. it is also required as otherwise the graphics designer would struggle to cmunciate the design to another person, or search for help via. internet search engines if they are stuck
Graphics designers need this
for the same reason as a mouse
yet it allows them to draw an
image by hand and put
it into the computer, it also allows them to
create a more unique free-flowing design
than by mouse, or they can sketch
the graphic before they begin using
the graphics tablet, then finishing it
off with the mouse
Graphics designers need
this so that their computer
performs faster, thus decreasing the r
required time to create a design, this
can allow them to create more unique
design as they will possibly have
more time available to edit.
Graphics designers
need this so that they
can put their designs
on a CD and then transfer it to
the client. It also means
that they can incorporate music
into their presentation.
Graphics designers need this becuase it provides them an alternate way to view their designs it also prvoides them with a way to present their designs to the client.
Graphics designers need this
becuase it provides them
an alternate way to view their designs
as well as to present them to the client.
It also provides them with an alternative
to powerpoint.
This is required for design transport/presentation as
well as printing anything related to the designs
This is required for
portable computer design.
as well as a way to access
the internet for ideas or
online feeback if the
computer was not working
Graphics designers need this so
they can input commands
into their computer and so that
they can use the internet to
get images for use in the designs.without the mouse the designers would be unable
to browse the internet without caret browsing, and would likely struggle editing graphics as a result
This is required
to use advanced software and to display photos in a higher resolution
A color ink jet
printer is an
output device
and is used to
bring the designs
to the client.
This is best used for good
for Mass printing and is also used to bring designs to the Client
printer is used

need this because without it Graphics designers would not be able to see what they were doing it is also required to browse the internet for images, as well as for editing software, so without the monitor, not only is editing images nearly impossible, it is also virtually impossible to obtain any software or send the design
graphics designers need this if they
are required to produce printed graphics
for a meeting with a client without the loss
of quality that may result from using other printers, and without the cost of a more expensive printer such as a laser printer.
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