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Education of Women in the middle East by Manasi & Maningding

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Christine Bailey

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Education of Women in the middle East by Manasi & Maningding

Education of Women in
the Middle East By Francis Maningding,
Manasi Samal, Ayanna Johnson, and Christine Bailey How does the lack of women's education affect Middle Eastern women? 632CE-750CE Men were educated IMPACTS IMPLICATIONS of the Lack of Education in the Middle East WHAT ARE THE IMPLICATIONS? female influence in the Middle East Harder to find suitable husbands Education of the children of uneducated women Empowerment of Women If women are not educated, they will not have desire to make a stand. Good education Good marriages Studies say that getting a good education and job increase prospects of happy marriages Good educations help women educate their children Without good education then: Children are not taught proper manners
Children are not taught fundamentals of religion What is the Quran? Wait... written by the prophet Muhammad
reveals the Muslim way of life shapes the daily lives of women It also... During... Of course... While... Women cooked and cleaned Only the elite were able to learn
the arts Learned how to:
- read and write
-use a bow and arrow
-swim *Both genders could study the Quran*

Men were required to as a part of their studies
The few women who were literate were not allowed to read it during their menstruation -how to dress
-their relations with men
-their work opportunities *The Quran did not favor men* It's not what you think... The “Quran, they say, intended gender equality, but this was undermined by Arabian patriarchy and foreign importations” (Keddie, 1991) It gave men the right to control women FOR EXAMPLE... *Women were veiled and secluded in the Greco-Roman world, pre-Islamic Iran, and the Byzantine Empire Poverty Gender Inequality Arranged marriages Most families cannot afford to send their girls to school. Male dominance is introduced at a young age. These marriages are an obstacle for women to keep receiving their education. Sanitation Poor sanitation facilities keep girls at home during
their menstruation. Women were unable to go out and get a real education NO EDUCATION=Domestic jobs The conditions for women are similar in the ancient Near East, Mediterranean, and Eastern and Southern Asia 19th century... *a time of western influence and educational reforms Changes in economy led to capitalism brought new job opportunities for women THIS CALLED FOR WOMEN'S EDUCATION Iran was the only Muslim country where educational reforms did not take place Women's schools were built in every muslim country Girls could finally receive an education *A nominal education* THE Sources OF THESE ISSUES ARE... NOW... This is still an issue Why? since 13th century B.C. A higher importance is placed on marriage and
house work. Women start abandoning their education and ambitions because of the demands of their culture. “Today Malala Yousafzai sent a bold message to the world: I want every girl to be educated. When the world heard about what happened to Malala, we came together in solidarity and support” (Nelson, 2013).

Even though she is a child, people are dedicated to her cause. She has been nominated as person of the year for 2012. It is not just their culture... Political laws have banned equal rights to education WHAT CAN WE DO??? How can we help? Because... we need to take action Something needs to be done SPREAD THE WORD... WAYS TO ADRESS THE ISSUE: Start a blog
use social media
make posters
discuss the conflict during morning announcements make organized protests
start petitions by going to change. org More WAYS TO ADDRESS: Go to the government... The Quran... With all the sacrifices, one would expect
women to already have fair education. This however is far from
reality. Education is a gift. Don't waste yours.

Knowledge=Power She was shot So what happened to Malala because of her beliefs? But she is still fighting for women's education no matter what. THANK YOU The Taliban has targeted her because of the stand she is taking. Women have had a higher attendance rate then men in Iranian schools. Iranian universities ban female students. There are also cultural impacts...
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