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Eco friendly for teens

No description

Robert Siggins

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Eco friendly for teens

Being Eco Friendly! Is the environment something that concerns you? Perhaps you should be concerned. After all, it is an issue that affects all of us. Our environment consists of all our surroundings and at this moment in time it is threatened by global warming and other major problems that could have an immensly negative impact. Although we may not be suffering from its devastating consequences now, our future generations will ,inevitably, have to deal with the result of our actions. What can we do to stop this? The bad news is that we can't undo what we've done. However, we can slow down the process by making sure that we... Use cars only when necessary, most journeys we can simply walk. Recycle resources, that way we don't have to pollute or destroy our environment just so we can that produce items like paper. Turn off electrical objects when you don't need them. You could possibly... Donate to charities that try to do something about global warming. Buy energy saving equipment.
E.G. energy saving light bulbs, solar panels etc. Thanks for watching and remember to be eco-friendly. The future is in our hands...
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