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Product Development Process

Establishing a product development process for Mobile Accord

Nicholas Becker

on 28 April 2011

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Transcript of Product Development Process

Product Development Track Assess Plan Add Features New Product? Create New Project Yes No Prioritize Plan Formalize Add Detail Update/Create Items in Assess List Justify It Provide Feedback

Raise Questions

Move Quickly: Estimations are inaccurate. Make one and move on.

Group effort with 3 members of dev team

Limit to 1 hour per week Need More Info
Kick it back! IDEA! Prioritize Within Product Prioritize Amongst Products Work Review Create Milestone
for Sprint Create To-Do List for each feature Create To-Do List for each feature Break Down Features into Engineering Tasks Work Update Status Check off Completed Tasks
Update Hours on Remaining Tasks Daily Stand-Up What did you do yesterday?
What are you going to do today?
Is anything in your way? Burndown Two Week Sprints Demo Review Retrospective Anyone can attend

Developer(s) present new functionality

Product Owner Signs off on completed features Accounting of what was/wasn't completed
Incomplete items are added back to backlog and re-prioritized
Update Team Velocity What should we continue doing?

What should we stop doing?

What should we start doing? Why? Need the ability to plan more than 2 weeks out.
Align expectations with reality.
Need to focus time on what is most important
Reduce ambiguity and waste Benefits Allows us to remain flexible around priorities of the company
Enables multi-initiative development
Creates a simple model for project estimation and planning
Light project management overhead
Increased quality with focus on product features
Usable products are introduced early in the cycle.
Promotes team cooperation New features are added to the idea To-Do list
Informal and are used for tracking and discussion
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