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The Journey of a red Blood Cell

FLVS Biology 7.02 by Alexander Klemm

Alexander Klemm

on 3 April 2013

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Transcript of The Journey of a red Blood Cell

By: Alexander Klemm The Journey of a Red Blood Cell Step 1: Birth It starts its journey at the Bone Marrow. White blood cells are also abundant there along with platelets. The red blood cells mostly made up of Hemoglobin for it to attract oxygen, luckily, it does not use cellular respiration. Finding Its Way After finding its way out of the Bone Marrow, the red blood cell will take up most of the space where it is traveling thru along with plasma. Finding Its Way (2) The red blood cell will find its way through the veins, capillaries, and eventually, the arteries. The new red blood must travel to the heart and get oxygen pumped in it, so it can deliver it to the rest of the body. In The Heart Once the blood cell reached the heart, it gets oxygenated and is sent thru the pulmonary circulation tubes to reach the lungs. In The Lungs In the lungs and in the alveoli, the red blood cells deposits the oxygen it carried and is now de-oxygenated. Now it makes its way back to the heart to get full of oxygen again. Back In the Heart Once the blood is oxygenated again, it is sent to other parts of the body, including the brain and it is now called "systematic circulation". The End? Not really, this whole process constantly reapeats itself until you die :) Credits: Made by: Alexander Klemm
With: Prezi
For: 7.02 FLVS Biology Assignment
Date: 3/04/2013
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