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John Dewey

ECUR 801 Presentation

greg soden

on 8 October 2009

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Transcript of John Dewey

John Dewey American Philosopher, Psychologist,
and Education Reformer 1859-1952 Worked three years as a high school teacher in Pennsylvania and decided it was not for him. Received his PhD from Johns Hopkins University, went on to teach at the Universities of Michigan, Minnesota, Chicago, and Columbia (NYC). 1894-Elected Chairman of the Department of
Psychology, Philosophy and Pedagogy at the
University of Chicago. 1899-Elected President of American
Psychological Association. John Dewey's sociological and personal concerns
were in the fields of women suffrage, Progressive
education, Educator's Rights, the Humanism
Movement and World Peace John Dewey On Eduction Dewey is well known for his role in
progressive education and focusing on
the needs of individual learners. Testimonial
"John Dewey High School was an experimental school begun in 1969, and run on the "learning by doing" philosophy of John Dewey. If 14 students wanted a class and a teacher was willing to teach it, that class was born. Students could take subjects on independent study; those ambitious and thorough enough could design their own courses. Extended hours gave students the choice of spending time at a resource center, where teachers were on hand to mentor. Alternatively, you could spend that extra time in the library, the labs, or the campus grounds. If you had a good chunk of time, you could scoot off to Coney Island a single subway stop away. A girl like myself could take Mechanical Drawing instead of Home Economics, and fulfill part of my phys. ed. requirement by taking Bowling. Creative arts reigned, along with a well-rounded liberal arts curriculum." Schools have been founded using
Dewey's methods of giving students
the power of choice in their
education John Dewey High School, Brooklyn, New York
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