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The Beatles

No description

Mariah Krimizi

on 21 June 2013

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Transcript of The Beatles

The Beatles have changed and evolved over time, there was a tribute band made in the honour of the Beatles called "The Fab Four," that was California based. The band was founded in 1997, by a John Lennon impersonator named Ron McNeil. The group started performing Beatle songs throughout California.

By Mariah & Danielle
The Beatles
The style was so popular around the world from 1964 to 1966 that many toy makers began to produce and market “Beatle Wigs” made from both plastic and real hair. One manufacturer, the Lowell Toy Manufacturing Corporation, was actually licensed to produce “authentic” Beatle Wigs. These have become a highly collectible item in recent years if still in their original packaging
Gained number one 17 times
Became an international hit, they sold 1.89 million copies of 'She Loves You'
Most popular band of the 60's
Teenagers became obsessed because it was something different
Beatlemania in 1964
The Beatles were extremely famously known for their mop – top hairstyle, but their hair did change over time.
The hair was cut to a medium length, and a fringe that was cut evenly across the front of the forehead just above the eyebrows.
The Beatles called their hairstyle Arthur, all their fans referred to their hair as ‘Arthur’.

Even young men in Communist countries such as The Soviet Union began to adopt this hairstyle. It was seen by the government as a sign of extreme rebellion. Men wearing it would be arrested, taken to a police station, and forced to have their hair cut before being released. Adults and government officials referred to these individuals by the nickname, “Hairies”.
Easy Access
In their first week on the iTunes store the Beatles got a staggering 2 million individual song downloads and over 450,000 in albums sales
-Itunes -Youtube
-CDs - radio
-CD stores - internet
All these ways are the easiest ways for the Beatles music to be accessed by people all over the world
The Beatles merchandise, memorabilia and collectables.
The Four Characteristics of Pop Culture
Global Significance
Easy Access
History about The Beatles
In 1957, John Lennon created a skiffle group with friends, they called themselves "The Quarry Men"
Final four:
John Lennon- vocals, guitar
Paul McCartney- vocals, bass guitar
George Harrison- vocals, guitar
Ringo Starr- drums
To begin with, some of The Quarry Men performed with improvisations like wobble boards while some used real instruments
They performed at small events in Liverpool playing folk, country and rock music
Until 1960 they performed as "The Quarry Men" but when Lennon's friend from art school (Stuart Sutcliffe) joined as the bass guitarist, they changed their name several times to Johnny and the Moondogs, the Silver Beetles and finally
The Beatles
During a lunchtime performance at the Cavern Club, Hamburg, Germany, in November 1961 the Beatles were discovered by Brian Epstein who soon after became their manager
1962 George Martin signed them with EMI Records in London
September 1962, the Beatles recorded their first single. One side of the record was the song "Love Me Do" and on the other side, "P.S. I Love You."
Their first single was a success but their second, "Please Please Me," made them their first number-one hit. By early 1963, their fame began to sky rocket. After quickly recording a long album, the Beatles spent much of 1963 touring.
The Beatles shaped not only music but also an entire generation.
- 12th & 13th June 1964 Adelaide- Centennial Hall
- 15th, 16th & 17th June 1964 Melbourne- Festival Hall
- 18th, 19th & 20th June 1964 Sydney- Sydney Stadium
On the 12th of June the Adelaide audience swarmed the streets with the largest opening ever with 350 000 people in the streets!!!
Throughout 1965:

- They received MBEs (Member of the Order of the British Empire) from the Queen
- They played in front of 56,000 hysterical fans at the Shea Stadium in New York,
- They met Elvis Presley
- Participated in the filming of their second movie Help! all around the world.
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The Beatles were initially inspired by black, R&B and Motown music. They liked Elvis Presley, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Gean Vincent and Fats Domino to name a few. The Beatles had black leather jackets, long hair combed forward and a cheeky humor. Even in the early pre-fame days, they stood out from most other contemporary bands, because of their scruffy look and energetic live concerts.
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