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Britain and Europe

No description

leo W

on 14 February 2014

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Transcript of Britain and Europe

Britain and Europe
The European Union
Jean Monnet (1888-1979) – father of Europe
after the Second World War he laid the foundation stone of the EU→wanted the British in from the beginning
preventing future Nazis → Schuman Plan (Belgium, France, Germany , Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands)→created European Economic Community (EEC)
until 1957 the British did not want to join
in 1961 Britain had no alternative but joining→economy
Britain's ambivalence towards the EU
„reluctant member“
Accused of asking for something without giving back → (‘You’re either at the table or you’re on the menu.’)
Being in EU
- loss of influence
- interests : trade figures, international politics
not joined →price of victory
Great britain and its membership in the EU
UK-EU stay or go?
Britains currency : pound sterling
In 2001 they could chose
75% against Euro
Fall in value
Does not change public opinion
Europe's view on Britain
set apart
do not really trust each other
do not accept each others currencies
"Fog over the channel - continent cut off"
Relationship to Europe
Don't really trust each other
-the the EU is a large ship

→ Britain is in a little rescue vessel

→speech bubbles with Union Jack
in 2013
Separated by the channel
Can be reached by ferry, plane or tunnel
British feel separated
Important decisions made by European parliament in Brussels
→ready to leave
→still keeps believing it is only British
British do not see themselves as part of Europe
“strange behaviour“
UK prime minister Cameron →freeze in the EU budget → “bulldog spirit“

Marriage gone bad
56% of British want out
UK might suffer if it leaves the EU
Britain is part of the EU
it does not really feel as
it is ready to leave at any time
being British is more important than being European
The European Union
Britain's ambivalence towards Europe
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