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The Cell Analogy

A golf course can be described as a cell.

Joclynn Ransom

on 23 October 2012

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Transcript of The Cell Analogy

Plant Cell Perspective The cell wall is like the fence around the golf course. Cell Wall The cell membrane is like the end of the grass, right before the cell wall. The Cell Membrane The nucleus is like the Pro- Shop in a golf course. The Nucleus Inside the nucleus is the nucleolus. The nucleolus holds tees, clubs, and score cards. The Nucleolus The vacuoles are like ponds around the golf course. The Vacuole The fence makes the shape around the golf course, just like a cell wall does. The cell membrane(end of the grass) protects what enters and leaves the cell. The vacuole temporarily stores materials. The ponds around the golf course also store things temporarily, like geese and ducks. The nucleus holds DNA. The Pro-Shop holds stuff as well as the nucleus. The mitochondria is a series of chemical reactions take place that convert molecules from the food you eat into usable energy. Mitochondria With that; the ball machine would be like the mitochondria because you put the receipt into the machine and as many balls as you bought in the Pro-Shop(nucleus/nucleolus) you get out... You also use a basket to hold your balls. The balls would be like ribosomes. Vesicles Vesicles are like the ball cleaners that are placed all around the golf course. Vesicles are enclosed sacs which store and transport substances. The ball cleaner is moved up and down by a knob and once it is finished it's placed on an enclosed space. The Endoplasmic Reticulum The ER helps transport proteins and provides sites for protein synthesis. The ER is like the tee box. You set up your ball on a tee, lysosome, and you hit the ball with your driver on the fairway. A tree in the golf course would represent a chloroplast, because that is where the photosynthesis occurs. Chloroplast Lysosomes also break down damaged or worn-out parts, just like what a tee does. A network of proteins that is constantly changing to meet the needs of a cell. Cytoskeleton Cytoskeleton is like your swing. You always have to change it now and then to make it fit your body, because it can never be perfect. The golgi apparatus is stacks of membrane- enclosed spaces that process, sort, and deliver proteins. Golgi Apparatus The golgi apparatus is like putting right before the ER is transported on to the green. The golf ball is carried to the membrane and secreted outside the cell, the hole. Central Vacuole The plant central vacuole stores food, water, and wastes. The central vacuole is like the clubhouse in a golf course. The clubhouse sells/holds food, water, and wastes(trashcans).
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