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How to Use Virtual EMS

No description

Lizzie Bartlett

on 15 February 2016

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Transcript of How to Use Virtual EMS

Why Use Virtual EMS?
1. Virtual EMS is accessible 24 hours per day!
2. Booking online allows you to browse available rooms
when you make your reservation.
3. Recurring reservations are easy to make at the click
of a button.
4. Booking online is faster and more streamlined than
via email or phone.
5. Virtual EMS will automatically hold any spaces that
you request until we approve.
6. You can reserve from your own office or dorm room!
7. It is easy to view, edit, or delete or reservations online!
Where to Find the Virtual EMS Site




Creating a New Reservation
Editing and Cancelling Reservations
Having Access Problems?
How to Use Virtual EMS
Reservations & Events
Visit us online at
click "Reserve Space"
Log in here with your VUnet ID!
click here to make recurring reservations if your event happens on a regular basis!
Enter your event date, time, attendance, and any room specifics you would like!
if your event is recurring, this page will tell you what room is available for the most dates possible!
Clicking on a specific room will allow you to see more information about the space!
You can also check the room capacity for different set-up options on this page.
Once you have selected your room, you
will be asked to fill out your contact information and more detailed information about your event.
When you submit your request,
this confirmation page will appear.
publicize information about your event until you receive a confirmation email from our office! This web request blocks out the space for you, but does not guarantee availability.
Manage your existing reservations under "View My Requests" on the Reservations tab.
cancel and edit events
using these buttons
view the status of your
reservation request
Be aware of our policies for booking specific spaces, especially larger event spaces, which must be reserved
two weeks
in advance.
Checking General Availability
If you do not have a specific time in mind, you can check general availability for a variety of spaces on campus!
reach this page through Browse & Search
Make sure that you are permitted to make reservations. For students, only
AnchorLink officers
for student organizations are eligible to make reservations. If you think you should have access but do not, fill out our Access Request Form!
Virtual EMS Homepage
Begin your reservation by clicking any of these ten categories, according to your event needs!
Contact us at 615-322-2448 or at reservations@vanderbilt.edu if you have any questions!
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