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Ancient China Vs. Modern China

A battle of epic proportions

Parker Grantham

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Ancient China Vs. Modern China

Ancient China VS.
Modern China Housing... Ancient Modern Ancient Chinese houses commonly had thatched or bamboo roofs along with a wooden frame. Most houses had a single room with a dirt floor. Of course, these are descriptions of peasant's
houses. Warfare technology... Ancient chinese warfare consisted mostly of chariots and armed soldiers. Rammed earth is made from earth (dirt, rock, etc.) mixed in with sand, gravel, clay and something to stablize it. The foundations were made of rammed earth. Nobles or any other high-ranking person would have had a house with a clay tile roof, More than one floor, And a balcony. Most recovered chinese houses had doors facing south because of the north winds. Photo Credits:
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sorghum wine Transportation... If you wanted to get somewhere in Ancient China walking and riding horses were the most popular way of travel. For moving freight or common people around, Ox carts were commonly used. Also, horse carriages were uesd, but mostly for military purposes. Clothing... Food... Popular clothing for the ancient Chinese was a Tunic. A Tunic is a long dress-like robe that went all the way to the ground for women and to the men's knees. Modern China uses cars, planes, boats and railways to transport people and freight. Chinese soldiers would have had bronze weapons. Ancient Chinese also had archers riding horses for battles. Instead of Ox carts to transport frieght and people, modern China uses passenger and freight trains. Instead of horses, people in modern China use automobiles to get around. The military in modern day China use trucks to transport troops and cargo. Modern Chinese housing can still have a wood frame but metal is becoming more popular. Ancient Chinese woman would have had their feet bound to make them smaller. Smaller feet were considered more beautiful. Instead of a thatched roof, most modern Chinese houses have clay tiles for roofs. Modern Chinese foundations are made of concrete. Doors on modern Chinese houses don't nessesarily face south.
The most popular material for clothing in ancient China was hemp. The ancient Chinese also wore hats. You could often tell how high up in society someone was by looking at their hat. Most modern Chinese clothing is made of cotton. However, there are tons of kinds of fibres they could use to make clothes. Thankfully, people don't bind their feet any more. They were made out of silk for the royalty and nobles while the peasants wore tunics out of hemp or ramie. Instead of tunics, popular clothing in China right now is Levi Jeans. Hats no longer reflect your level in society. Tanks would be the modern day equivalent of chariots. Instead of bronze weapons, modern Chinese soldiers have knives. The ancient Chinese fought wars to end dynasties and unify their country. Instead of bows and arrows, modern Chinese soldiers would have firearms. The Chinese now mostly fight for land or power. In most of ancient China they farmed and ate rice. However, due to coldness and dryness, rice didn't grow in northern China. So they ate millet and sorghum instead. So until 1500 BC., when wheat came to China from West Asia, these were the main foods for people. In modern day China, rice is still the most popular food. Yet they have all the choices of different foods that we have here. Now they can turn millet into noodles. And sorghum into wine.
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