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2nd: Drew: Guatemala


Drew Drumheller

on 31 March 2010

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Transcript of 2nd: Drew: Guatemala

Drew Drumheller 2nd hour
Guatemala Lifestyle Dating and marrige Dating socalized dining out
going to movies rural meet at water well
or market
church younger people chaperone Marrige women ask men's parents
vice versa
men buy everything for wedding
woman "given away"
at final meeting woman age 20
men age 24 Family father is in charge
extended family lives w/them
children live w/parents
until marrige. Expectations children must work
men do physical labor
woman do everything else Housing city rural covered in plastic
tall walls
makeshift dwellings
hedgepost cheap padlocks
grain silos in house
made of bamboo
dirt floors
wood windows
no electricity
no water water
electricity FYI
Guatemala is 1 hour
behind us in time LIVE IN Nuclear
power setting The chewiness
of chewy gum comes
from Guatemalas trees
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