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Marketing 371

Chapter 17 Outlet Selection and Purchase

Mady Lombard

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Marketing 371

Chapter 17
Outlet Selection and Purchase

Madelyn Lombard DQ 28:
Name two product categories for which the
brand is generally selected first and the outlet second,
two for which the reverse is true, and two for which these decisions
are generally made simultaneously. Justify your selections. How
should marketing strategy differ across these products? Brand 1st Outlet 2nd Outlets:
Apple store
Best Buy
Campus Computers
Amazon.com Outlets:
Niello Dealership
Newspaper Ads

Consumer characteristics that
are relevant to store choice:
-Perceived Risk

-Shopper Orientation
Traditional outlets (apple store) are perceived as low in risk, more innovative outlets such as online are viewed as higher risk. A shopping style that puts particular emphasis on certain activties or shopping motivaitions. Examples:
Predators prefer to shop alone and are speed oriented.
Benefit from knowledgeable staff and home delivery.
Scavengers like to go to sales and consider shopping to be entertainment.
Benefit from "destination areas" (Elizabeth Arden Salons inside Macy's)
marketing strategies Outlet 1st Brand 2nd Outlet and Brand
chosen simultaneoulsy In-store influences on
brand choices Unplanned purchases
Point-of purchase materials
Price reductions & promotional deals
Outlet atmosphere
little black dress http://shop.nordstrom.com/c/6014148/0~2376776~2374327~2374331~6014148
Wine Multi-channel shopping
retail store
internet store atmosphere and shopper behavior ambient conditions
physical conditions
social conditions
symbols Thank you,
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