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Out of the Darkness - Kevin Freeman

Kevin Freeman's story.

Kevin Freeman

on 24 March 2013

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Transcript of Out of the Darkness - Kevin Freeman

Before.... Before I even was born, my father left me. My mom has been in depression since. When I was born, I was brought into a world of hell - a world of poverty. There was no daylight in my life. I was living in a back-alley room, or a room that is like a basement, in an alley. Everyday, there was no full meal. Then I was getting very sick. Stepping Up Into the Flames Where was I to turn? Nowhere. They had to be good or else I'd run away and die. They were okay. I went through school all the way up to college. Then, I went to the University of Harvard in Massachusetts. My life was clearing up very much. The world watched me make a difference on TV. I was very lucky to not have given up at the moment.
I am 43 right now and live in California with a wife and a son. Please, fathers, don't abandon your children. My story: Kevin Freeman Out of the Darkness It Wasn't Easy... My mom finally killed herself when I was nine. I was living in hell. She was the only person in the world that I had. There was no school, no money, and no friends. Should I have died? Well, I didn't. Actually, I turned myself in when I was on the streets. I was beaten a lot by strangers. It was all hopeless. Ray of Sun... When I turned myself into this one store, they brought me to this one adoption house. From there, I was being raised. I knew I was unfortunate before I even knew what the word meant. And then, I was adopted by a family...
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